Gyumri Tourist Places to Visit in Gyumri, Armenia, Asia

Gyumri Tourist Places to Visit in Gyumri, Armenia, Asia

Gyumri is the capital of Shirak Region, Armenia. It is the second leading conurbation and is positioned at the north – west section of the nation. It is sited just about 126 km to the north of the state capital Yerevan. It was previously recognized as Alexandropol. Gyumri is branded for its prosperous account and distinctive structural designs. The foremost opera was showcased at Gyumri. For decades the conurbation of Gyumri has been acknowledged as the “capital of businesses and fine arts”.

Tourist Attractions in and near Gyumri

Kumayri District

Positioned in the heart of the city of Gyumri is the very famous “Kumayri” momentous district which is an aired museum that houses the structures of the prehistoric edifices that were built during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also believed that the prime settlement was done here during the 5th century BC. One can site the remnants of the primeval township here. The structures depicts the style from the neoclassical era – 19th century style to apartment buildings in the contemporary style that was a part of the Leninakan epoch primarily meant to create avenues and township. The Kumayri significant constituency envelops vicinity of around 1000 hectares and above 1600 edifices and memorials that hold a connection to the significant history.

Harichavank Monastery

Harichavank Monastery is just about 40 km from the conurbation of Gyumri. It is positioned in the parish of Harich. It is believed to be the ethnic and festive hub of the medieval Armenia. The monastery has been under constant renovation in the past years. The front elevations are diverse the structural design is eminent by the realistic approach archetypal of the Georgian memorials. The greater section of the front elevations are sheltered with silhouetted bracket that kilts windowpanes that are of different designees and trimmings of triangular alcoves. It is the seat to the churches such as St. Gregory which is believed to the foremost built structure and the chief Astvatsatsin cathedral that was constructed in the year 1201.

Lmbatavank Church

It is positioned just about 31 km from the city of Gyumri is the little cathedral of Saint Stepanos in Lmbatavank. The structural design is abstemious. The inside of the cathedral is filled with marvelous friezes. It is believed to be constructed during the 7th century and is said to be the most distinctive of its kind.

Other places to visit in and near Gyumri

  • Sev Ghul fortress
  • Gyumri’s Central Park
  • Cathedral of Ani
  • Avetik Isahakyan
  • Monumental memorial to battles with Turkey
  • Mher Mkrtchyan
  • Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God

Best time to visit Gyumri

The climate in the winter is very cold. Due to its high altitude it is very cool and dry in the summer season. It is best time for tourists to visit this place.

Accessibility to Gyumri

By Bus: There are plenty of private and public transportation facilities accessible from Yerevan to Gyumri.

By Train: The nearest railhead is Sasuntsi David Station that gets ample of trains from Yerevan.


Accommodation in Gyumri

Gyumri is well known for excellent hospitality services and numerous deluxe hotels are serving the tourists arriving in this city. The major facilities made available at the hotel rooms in Gyumri are LCD flat-screen TVs, coffee/tea, dining, mini-bar, room service and more. Few of the hotels in Gyumri also undertake air ticket reservations and package tours from the allied travel agencies. All the requirements are met with affordable budget. Some of the hotels in Gyumri are listed below.

  • Villa Kars
  • Gyumri Homestay B&B
  • Nane Hotel
  • Araks Hotel
  • Alexandrapol Hotel
  • Alhmas Hotel

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