Dakhla Tourist Places to Visit in Dakhla, Morocco, North Africa, Africa

Dakhla Tourist Places to Visit in Dakhla, Morocco, North Africa, Africa

Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara coming under the control of Morocco, functioning as the administrative centre of Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira region of Morocco. It is situated between 23°43′ N latitude and 15°57′ W longitude, around 1600 km southwest of Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco and 1400 km southwest of the city of Marrakech in Morocco. Dakhla experiences a mild arid climate with an average of 40 millimeter precipitation per year. January is the coldest month in Dakhla, while September is the warmest month. Fishing and tourism are the pillars of the Dakhla’s economy and the water sports activities like kite-surfing, windsurfing and surf casting are very much popular in Dakhla.


History of Dakhla:

Berbers were perhaps the original settlers of Dakhla and Dakhla saw some growth during the Spanish colonial period. It became the capital of the province of Río de Oro, promoted by Spanish authorities. Most famous historic structures in Dakhla date from the Spanish colonial era, of which the most recognized ones are the Catholic Church and the military fortress.


How to reach Dakhla?

Dakhla hosts an airport, is served by CanaryFly with scheduled flights from Gran Canaria and by Royal Air Maroc from Agadir and Casablanca.

CTM, Supratours and Satas are the major bus operators connecting Dakhla to Casablanca, Agadir and Marrakech. Petits taxis are the convenient local travel options to get around Dakhla.


Food and Shopping in Dakhla:

Dakhla is one of the famous places in Morocco to bag traditional handicraft products, products are cheaper but most shops in the city don’t accept credit cards, so keep some local currency.

Some famous hotels in Dakhla are as follows:

  • Cafe Restaurant Samarkand
  • Chez N’TIFI
  • Villa Dakhla
  • La Maison Du The Dakhla


What to do in Dakhla?

  • Kite surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Surf casting


What to see in Dakhla?


Beaches in Dakhla:

Beaches are the first preference of tourists coming to the Dakhla from the different regions of Europe and Africa. There are many excellent beaches in Dakhla offering memorable kite-surfing, windsurfing and surf casting activities.


Dakhla Airport:

The Dakhla Airport is a modern and well constructed airport, situated around 3 km away from the centre of Dakhla. Other than its nice construction, the airport is also known for its facilities like medical post, prayer room and its pleasant surrounding environment.


Spanish establishment in Dakhla:

Dakhla houses many Spanish colonial buildings, constructed during the colonial rule. The most famous structures among are military fortress and Catholic Church.


Mosque in Dakhla:

Dakhla is the site of many large mosques with historic importance, of which most date from the early 20th century. All the mosques are not allowed to non-Muslim visitors but some.


List of other places of interest in and around Dakhla include:

  • Windfish Pro-Center
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Laayoune Off Road
  • Beaches in Agadir
  • Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh
  • Mohammed V Mosqu
  • Valley of the Birds
  • Souk El Had
  • Musee Municipal de Agadir
  • La Medina d’Agadir
  • Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane
  • The Souss-Massa National Park
  • Mosque Loubnan in Agadir
  • Musée de Talborjt “La Casbah”
  • The garden of Ibn Zaidoun


Ideal time to visit Dakhla:

Probably from May to September is the best time to visit Dakhla in Morocco.


Where to stay in Dakhla?

Being a beach city, Dakhla houses many tourist favor accommodation centres like hotels, vacation rentals, BB and inns, with different upgraded amenities like spa, sauna, fitness room, TV and Wi-Fi. The major hotels in Dakhla include:

  • Hotel Erraha
  • Hotel Sahara Regency
  • Bab al Bahar Hotel et Spa
  • Hotel Calipau Sahara
  • Hotel Buenavista
  • Hotel al Wahda
  • Hotel Oued Eddahab
  • Hotel Doumes
  • Auberge des Nomades du Sahara
  • Rio Oro
  • Palais Touareg
  • Club Dakhla Laguna
  • Dakhla Spirit Lagoon Camp
  • Lagon Bleu Dakhla
  • Ocean Vagabond

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