Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Jamestown, Saint Helena, South Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Jamestown, Saint Helena, South Africa, Africa

Jamestown is the major settlement as well as the capital of the Saint Helena Island, part of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, an overseas territory of the British in the South Atlantic Ocean. Covering an area of 3.6 sq. km, Jamestown is located at 15°55′28″ S 5°43′5″ W, on the northwestern part of the island, home to a port. Jamestown offers a blend of historical and modern attractions for visitors like castle, churches and museums. Jamestown experiences an arid climate with relatively warm climate year round.


History of Jamestown:

The history of Jamestown begins with its foundation, made by the English East India Company in the year 1659 and it received its name from King James II of England. For a short period, Jamestown, along with other parts of the island, was once acquired by the Dutch East India Company in 1673 but it was retaken by the British forces in the same year.


How to reach Jamestown?

Jamestown is not served by any airport, so it is advised to tourists to board charter flight at RAF Brize Norton near Oxford in the United Kingdom that land at military airfield on Ascension Island, where ship services are available to reach Jamestown or Saint Helena Island.

RMS Saint Helena ship runs between Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Walvis Bay and Cape Town in South Africa. The local transportation of Jamestown is served by rental cars.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Jamestown:

The Museum of Saint Helena is the main cultural centre of Jamestown, showcasing the local culture and history with well preserved artworks and artifacts.

Being the capital town, Jamestown houses all sorts of modernized as well as traditional shops with a wide range of products available at reasonable rates.

Here are some tourist favor food corners in Jamestown:

  • Sally’s Sandwich Bar
  • Orange Tree Oriental Restaurant
  • Cyril’s Fast Food
  • Anne’s Place


Must see in Jamestown:


Plantation House:

Situated around 3 km south of Jamestown, the Plantation House is used as the official house of the Governor of Saint Helena, which was originally built as a summer residence of the Governor by the East India Company in 1791-92. This building is famous among visitors as a great tortoise viewing point. A tortoise, called Jonathan, is possibly the oldest living tortoise in the world.


Saint Paul’s Cathedral:

The Saint Paul’s Cathedral is located in the district of St Paul’s, around 2 miles south of Jamestown. This Grade I listed building was erected on the site of the 17th century church in 1851 and it gained cathedral status in 1859.


The Castle:

The Castle is situated in the historic part of Jamestown, functioning as the main administrative building of the Saint Helena, home to Chief Secretary’s office, a library, police station and beautiful gardens.


The Museum of Saint Helena:

Located within an early 19th century warehouse in Jamestown, the Museum of Saint Helena is a perfect place for those interested in knowing the culture and history of Jamestown and Saint Helena.


Jacob’s Ladder:

Measuring 699 steps, the Jacob’s Ladder is a typical historic tourist attraction, built in the year 1829. Exploring this concrete staircase will be a memorable half day trip for visitors.


What else to see in and around Jamestown?

  • Heart-Shaped Waterfall
  • The Castle Gardens
  • Lot’s Wife’s Ponds
  • Sandy Bay
  • Saint James Church
  • Post Office in Jamestown
  • The Cenotaph
  • Clifford Arboretum
  • Central Peaks
  • Longwood House



When to travel Jamestown?

Probably during the summer months from January to April is the best time to visit Jamestown in St Helena.


Accommodation options in Jamestown:

Standard hotels are limited in Jamestown, so visitors are advised to book hotel rooms well in advance prior to reaching the site as the town gets crowded during the summer months. The prominent hotels in and around Jamestown are as follows:

  • Consulate Hotel
  • The Standard
  • Wellington House Hotel
  • Farm Lodge

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