Tourist Places to Visit in Al Mahbes, Morocco’s, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Al Mahbes, Morocco’s, Africa

Al Mahbes is a village located in the northeastern part of Western Sahara. It falls under the Morocco’s control as a part of the Morocco controlled Western Sahara. Al Mahbes is situated near the Algerian border, around 550 km east by road from the capital, El-Aaiún and around 100 kilometers from the oasis town of Bir Lehlou. Al Mahbes is geographically positioned between 27° 23′ 07″ N latitude and 9° 07′ 52″ W longitude. Al Mahbes has some basic facilities like shops, restaurants and is connected to the capital El-Aaiún and southern Moroccan cities, including Guelmin by direct road link.


Connectivity to Al Mahbes:

Hassan I Airport in El Aaiún is the closest airport to Al Mahbes, located around 550 km away. This airport receives flights from Agadir, Casablanca and Las Palmas, served by Binter Canarias, CanaryFly and Royal Air Maroc. Taxi is gettable at the airport, although if one booked a private transfer before reaching the airport would be ideal for comfort and convenient airport travel.

Buses are not regular between any Western Saharan cities and towns, so visitors are advised to hire a car for local and intercity travel.


Food and Shopping in Al Mahbes:

Upgraded shops and restaurants are difficult to find in Al Mahbes but visitors can find it in nearby town Bir Lehlou. Buses are not regular between these two settlements, so visitors are suggested to rent a car or bike for travel.


Things to do in Al Mahbes:

  • Walking
  • Village tour
  • Traditional shopping


Places to see in Al Mahbes:


Bir Lehlou:

Bir Lehlou is a town situated around 100 km southwest of Al Mahbes. It comes under the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic controlled Western Sahara and well known for its mosque. Generally buses do not ply regularly between Bir Lehlou and Al Mahbes, so visitors are advised to hire a rental car.


El Aaiún:

El Aaiún is the capital of Western Sahara, located around 550 km west of Al Mahbes. It houses a wide range of manmade and natural tourist attractions, including an old Spanish Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi. There is also a multi-use stadium, Stade Sheikh Mohamed Laghdaf and Hassan I Airport. El Aaiún is also famous for its desert beaches.



Located around 330 km southwest of Al Mahbes, Smara is a historic city, founded in 1869. The city is well known for its architectural features, housing a large ruined fort Zawiy Maalainin. Its large mosque and airport are the other highlights of Smara.


List of other places of interest near Al Mahbes include:

  • Moroccan Berm
  • Dakhla
  • Guelta Zemmour
  • Tarfaya
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Laayoune Off Road
  • Dchira
  • Laayoune-Plage
  • Windfish Pro-Center
  • Massage du Monde


Best time to visit Al Mahbes:

Generally from July to September is the ideal time to visit Al Mahbes in Western Sahara.


Hotels in Al Mahbes:

It is difficult to find upgraded hotels in and around Al Mahbes, so tourists can take suggestion of considering El-Aaiun’s hotels for accommodation. There are many nice tourist favor hotels in El-Aaiun offering all basic and latest facilities and services. The prominent hotels in Al Mahbes, El-Aaiun and Dakhla:

  • Hotel Josefina
  • Hotel Residence Lajwad
  • Hotel Nagjir Ville
  • Hotel Salwan
  • Camping Sabor del Sahara
  • Hotel Parador
  • Le Camp Bedouin
  • Hotel al Wahda
  • Bab al Bahar Hotel et Spa
  • Auberge des Nomades du Sahara
  • Hotel Sahara Regency
  • Dakhla Spirit Lagoon Camp
  • Lagon Bleu Dakhla
  • Hotel Oued Eddahab

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