Covilha Tourist Places to Visit in Covilha, Portugal, Europe

Covilha Tourist Places to Visit in Covilha, Portugal, Europe

Covilha is a city situated in the Centro region of Portugal, around 275 km northeast of the national capital, Lisbon, under the sub-region of Cova da Beira in the Castelo Branco district, covering an area of 555.6 km².

Covilha is a tourist favor destination receiving a large number of tourists year round, especially hikers, skiers and mountain climbers. Covilha is also known for its educational institutions, home to the University of Beira Interior.


Geography of Covilha:

Covilha coordinates with 40.2833° north latitude and 7.5167° west longitude. Covilha experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm summer and cold winter.


History of Covilha:

Covilha has a strong historical background as it was ruled by many renowned empires including the Roman Empire. Some important historical landmarks of Covilha include Santa Maria Church, the Royal Textile Factory and Cava Juliana and the Covilha Fort.


How to reach Covilha?

Covilha is situated about 275 km from Lisbon and 260 km away from Porto Airport. Both of these airports have good connection with all around Europe with scheduled and seasonal flight services.

Covilha is connected to Lisbon and Porto by both train and bus services and by Lisbon, it takes around 4 hours to Covilha by bus or train.

Local bus transportation is catered by Covibus with luxury buses. The city of Covilha also houses many reputed travel agencies offering cars and bikes for both short and long distances and they also conduct tours.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Covilha:

Covilha is rich in culture and tradition home to many theatres such as Teatro das Beiras, Quarta Parede and ASTA. Another major venue for local events is the City Hall of Covilhã.

Shops are abundant in Covilha and the major restaurants are listed below:

  • Varanda da Estrela
  • Quinta do Sangrinhal
  • Restaurante Dona Maria
  • Restaurante Milano


Things to do in Covilha:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking

Tourist Attractions in Covilha:

Santa Maria Church:

Covilha is the place of many historical sites of which the Santa Maria Church is the major one and most attractive. Both exterior and interior designs is eye catching. It is a must visit.


Vodafone Ski Resort:

Being a Portugal’s only ski resort, the Vodafone Ski Resort is visited by loads of tourists from all around the world. It is situated in Serra da Estrela mountain range in the Seia municipality, around 20 kms from Covilha. Skiing and snowboarding are popular activities here.


Serra da Estrela Natural Park:

The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is not far from Covilha home to Portugal’s highest peak Torre (within a continent). With an area of around 1,000 km², this is Portugal’s largest nature conservation area housing typical native flora and fauna species.


Other places of interest in and around Covilha include:

  • Museu do Queijo
  • Museu dos Descobrimentos
  • Belmonte Synagogue
  • Geopark Naturtejo
  • Museu do Queijo
  • Penedo Furado
  • Seminario de Cernache do Bonjardim
  • Castelo Novo
  • Forno Grande State Park
  • Penha Garcia
  • Clube Bonjardim
  • Atelier Tulio Vitorino
  • Vale do Rio Zezere
  • Capela do Bom Jesus
  • Sao Nuno Alvares Pereira


Ideal time to visit Covilha:

Most of the people visiting Covilha choose summer months from May to September to enjoy outdoor activities.


Accommodation options in Covilha:

Due to its location near the country’s only ski resort, Covilha is packed with numerous modernized hotels and resorts with tourist favor facilities and services. The reputed hotels in Covilha are as follows:

  • Hotel dos Carqueijais
  • Hotel Santa Eufemia
  • TRYP Covilha Dona Maria Hotel
  • Hotel Turismo da Covilha
  • Covilha Parque Hotel
  • Hotel Serra da Estrela
  • Casa da Figueira Grande
  • Abrigo da Estrela
  • Chales de Montanha
  • Hotel Covilha Jardim
  • Residencial Panorama
  • Quinta das Palmeiras
  • Casal Ribeira Caia
  • Penhas da Saude – Youth Hostel

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