Bumthang Tourist Places to Visit in Bumthang, Bhutan, Asia

Bumthang Tourist Places to Visit in Bumthang, Bhutan, Asia

Consisting of a numerous sacred sites and ancient temples Bumthang district is situated in the eastern section of Bhutan. The coordinates to Bumthang are 27045 N and 90040’E. Jakar city is the capital of Bumthang district. The place is also known as the Bumthang valley/basin and is at an altitude of 2600 meters. It is has four mountain basins- Choekhor, Churney, Tang and Ura. These four basins are referred to as Bumthang basin. This basin is the religious heartland of Bhutan.

When translated to English the word Bumthang means ‘beautiful field’. The place got the name after work into the making of Jambay Lhakhang was finished.

Bumthang district greatly contributes to the economy of Bhutan. Buckwheat, apples, potato, rice, dairy products, honey and some other produce yielded from this Bumthang district. Temperatures drop to -60 C in winter owing to stormy weather conditions. The most convenient time for vacation in Bumthang is from May month to September end.


Tourist Places in Bumthang

There are plenty of places of interest with amazing landscapes in and around Bumthang. Some of the names of these places within Bumthang are listed below

  • Jambay Lhakhang


Built by a Tibetan King in the 7th century, this monastery was meant to pacify the bad spirits in the Himalayan region.


  • Tamshing Lakhang


This temple was created in the year 1501 by the re-incarnated form of Guru Padsambhava, Terton Pema Lingpa. Many old paintings are seen in this temple.


  • Jakar Dzong


Jakar Dzong when translated means ‘Fortress of the White Bird’. This Dzong was created in the year 1549 by the great grand-father of the earliest Shabdrung. It was then a monastery. Renovation of this monastery took place in 1646.


  • Chankhar Lhakhang


This castle once belonged to one of the Indian King Sindhu Raja. This castle resembles that of a village house. A saint by the name Dorji Lingpa renovated this castle during the 14th century.


  • Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery


The monastery was established in the year 1984, by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche who is said to be the reincarnation of a 9th century Tibetan Lama. This is one of the most important monasteries in the entire country of Bhutan.


Other places of interest in and around Bumthanq are

  • Kurje Lhakhang
  • Tangbi Goemba
  • Ngang Lhakhang
  • Ura Valley
  • Tang Valley
  • Membartsho (The Burning Lake)
  • Ugyenchholing Palace
  • Tang Rimochen Lhakhang
  • Kunzangdrak Goemba
  • Pelseling Goempa


Means of Commutation to Bumthanq


Bumthanq has a direct road leading to Thimphu city. Buses operated by Metro Transport coaster are available at Thimphu city to transport passengers to Bumthang in the morning at 6.30 am everyday. The travel time is eleven hour to either side. No stops are made on the way by the bus.



Paro International Airport in Paro is the nearest airport to Bumthang and is about 473 km from Jakar city in Bumthang district. Shared taxis and public buses are the only mode of transport available at the airport to Bumthang.


Accommodation Options at Bumthang

There are hotels such as three star and four star depicting the architecture of various ancient temples. Many international standard amenities are available at three star and four star hotels in Bumthang. Luxurious in such hotels are charged anywhere from $ 485 to $ 1200 per day. Economy class hotels are rented at $65 to $85 per day respective to single room or double room.

  • Amankora Bumthang
  • Swiss Guest House
  • Jakar Village Lodge
  • Kaila Choenzem Guest House
  • Yu-gharling Resort
  • Wangdicholing Guest House
  • Karma Tobden Mountain Lodge
  • Udee Guest House
  • Chumey Nature Resort
  • Gongkhar Guesthouse
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