Best Tourist Places to Visit in Shizuoka, Japan

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Shizuoka, Japan

Shizouka is located in Chuba region in Honshu stretching about 7779.63 sq kms and is ranked the 10th most densely populated cities in islands of Honshu. Shizouka is bordered by Pacific Ocean at the Suruga Bay and bounded by Mount Fuji towards the northern part. Shizouka is famous for its sporting activities like football, volleyball, rugby, karake, martial arts and motor sports. It has good no of reputed institutes like schools, colleges and universities and has the best efficient modes of transportation. Shizouka coordinates with 34.55’ degree North Latitude and 138.19’ degree East Longitude.


Places of interest in Shizouka:

Shizuoka has lots to offer for the tourists like beaches, mountains, zoos, festivals, events, sports and more. Here are some of the most important tourists attractions situated in and near Shizuoka.

  • Nihondaira Zoo
  • Kunozan Toshogu Shrine
  • Shizuoka Sengen Jinja Shrine
  • Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Shimizu Port
  • Tokai University Marine Science Museum
  • Miho Seacoast
  • Shizuoka City Serizawa Keisuke Art Museum
  • Nihondaira Ropeway
  • Fugetsuro known for gardens and historic sites.
  • S Pulse Dream Plaza famous for amusement and theme parks.
  • Gotenyama Mountain
  • Ipponmatsu Park
  • Shizuoka castle
  • Mochimune Fishing Port
  • Seikenji Temple
  • Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum
  • Shimizu Forest Park Yasuragino Mori
  • Mount Shiomi
  • Ikawa Dam
  • Shimizu Funakoshi Tsutsumi Park


Festivals, Events, Cuisines in Shizuoka:

Shizuoka is well known for some of the major festivals, events and lots of sporting actions which takes place all round the year. Some of the major festivals are Shimoda Black Ship Festival that is held in month of May, Shizuoka Port Festival that takes place during month of August, Shizuoka Festival conducted in April and Enshu Daimyo Festival that takes place during month of April. Shizuoka is renowned for several international sporting actions like football, soccer, volleyball, rugby and motorsports like car racing and rally. Shizuoka is also very famous for its local dishes like noodles, soup and sea foods. The locals are extremely diet conscious and consume only those food which are high in fiber, energy and protein as they avoid spicy, oily and food rich in cholesterol.


Connectivity to Shizuoka in Japan:

Shizuoka has one of the best infrastructure services in Japan which boasts of good transportation facilities. Shizuoka is well networked by all means of transport like road, rail, sea and air. Many Highways like Route 1, Route 42, Route 135, Route 150, Route 246 and Route 469 pass via Shizuoka which forms the major point of road connectivity to this place. Shizuoka is also served by Expressways and Toll Roads which are broad and wide to handle easy traffic volume. Shizuoka has the best railway network where it connects the city of Shizuoka to various cities located in Honshu. Capital city Tokyo is about 178 kms from Shizuoka and has direct domestic and international flights to many worldwide destinations.


Hotels in Shizuoka:

Shizuoka has some of the best hotels in town providing high class luxury accommodation facilities. Tourists taking such accommodation options in Shizuoka are hereby advised to book their rooms well in advance before visiting the city. They can pick a hotel as per their requirements and budget as hotels vary from 1 star category to 5 star category. List of hotels located in Shizuoka are:

  • Hotel Century Shizuoka
  • Nippondaira Hotel
  • Hotel Garden Square Shizuoka
  • Associa Shizuoka Terminal Hotel
  • Sanco Inn Shizuoka-kitaguchi
  • Hotel Prezio Shizuoka-Ekinan
  • Hotel Vista Shimizu
  • Hotel Prezio
  • Hotel Dorf Shizuoka
  • My Hotel Ryugu
  • Hotel Quest Shimizu
  • Acent Plaza Hotel Shizuoka

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