Best Tourist Places to Visit in Oecusse, East Timor, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Oecusse, East Timor, Asia

Oecusse is one of the districts in East Timor which covers an area of 815 sq. km and positioned between latitude 9°20′ in the north and longitude 124°18′ in the east. Oecusse is located about 280 km west of the national capital Dili. Pante Macassar is the capital city of Oecusse District and the district is divided into 4 sub districts namely Nitibe, Oesilo, Pante Macassar and Passabe.

Foreshore of Pante Macassar is the major landmark of Oecusse District. One radio station working in Pante Macassar District and the supply of electricity is limited in the regions of Oecusse District.


History of Oecusse:

Oecusse is one of the ancient regions of East Timor witnessed the rule of Portuguese and Indonesians. It was the major business hub of Portuguese, at the time of Portuguese Timor.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping of Oecusse:

Most of the population of Oecusse comprises of Roman Catholics, followed by Muslims. Meto is a widely spoken language among the regions of Oecusse District. Portuguese is the official language of East Timor and some natives of Oecusse speak Portuguese fluently. Tetum is also spoken by few of the locals.

The food culture of the Oecusse is slightly different from the other regions of the country. The people like vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The food is prepared and served with lot of care by the local woman in small hotels of Oecusse.

Shopping sector of the Oecusse is not very much developed and is under development with the aid of the local government. In recent years, there are several hotels established all around Oecusse District to encourage tourism.


Connectivity to Oecusse:

There is sea journey facility available at Oecusse to reach Dili City. A Ferry Boat works twice a week and takes 12 hours to reach Dili from Oecusse by ferry boat. Apart from the boat services, Taxi and Buses are good to move within the city. Buses are easily accessible at Pante Macassar City. Oecusse has its own airport located in the centre of Pante Macassar City.


Places to see in Oecusse:


Jesus Statue:

Jesus Statue is a 27 meters tall statue placed in Dili about 207 kms away from Oecusse. It is believed that, this statue was constructed by Indonesians.


Atauro Island:

Atauro Island is a worth visit spot, clearly visible from the city of Dili visited by higher majority of Australian tourists every year for its superb natural beauty.


Coconut Beach:

Coconut Beach also known as Watabo’o is one of the major attractions of Baucau. It is considered as a best weekend picnic spot of Baucau.


Other tourist attractions near Oecusse include:

  • Cool Hills
  • Saint Mary column
  • Mount Matebian


Best time to visit Oecusse:

The months between August and February are the best time to visit Oecusse.


Accommodation Options near Oecusse:

The hospitality services of the hotels near Oecusse are truly marvelous. The prime budgeted and luxury hotels located near Oecusse are as follows:

  • Hotel Rao
  • Timor Village Hotels
  • Vitoria Losmen
  • Guest House Inur Sacato
  • Hotel Rao
  • Apartemento Lifau
  • Guest House Mieje Marca
  • Inur Sacato II
  • Albergaria do Planata
  • Pousada de Baucau
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana
  • Hotel Risky
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Central Hotel

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