Best Tourist Places to Visit in Monaco, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Monaco, Europe

Monaco is a sovereign city-state, surrounded by France towards three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on one side. It is officially called as the Principality of Monaco located in Western Europe. With a population of 36,371 in the area of 2.02 sq. km, Monaco is the most densely populated and the 2nd smallest country in the globe.


Geography of Monaco:

Monaco is situated on the French Riviera, between 43°43′ N latitude and 7°25′ E longitude.


History of Monaco:

It is believed that, Monaco takes its name from the Greek language word Monoikos, meaning “single house”. A member of the House of Grimaldi was the first ruler of Monaco in the late 13th century. With the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861, Monaco officially gained a status of sovereignty state.


Connectivity to Monaco:

Due to its smaller size, there is no airport established in Monaco, so the closest airport to Monaco is Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport in Nice, located about 40 km away from the heart of Monaco.

The Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport handles flights from and to Moscow, Dublin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Geneva, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Vienna, Bucharest, Istanbul and many other important global destinations.

Monaco is connected to many prime cities of Italy and France including Nice, Paris and Ventimiglia by both bus and train services. Rapide Cote D’Azur is the major bus operator connecting Monaco to neighboring countries’ cities.

Local transportation in Monaco is upgraded, served by public buses, taxis and rental vehicles.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Monaco:

French is the official language of Monaco and other languages like Monegasque, Italian and English are also widely spoken. The International University of Monaco is the main educational institution of Monaco.

Monaco is used Euro as its currency. Fontvieille Shopping Centre and Condamine Market are some of the fine shopping options in Monaco.

List of the nice restaurants in Monaco include:

  • Cafe de Paris
  • Pizzeria Monégasque
  • Louis XV Restaurant
  • Le Grill de L’Hotel de Paris


What to do in Monaco?

  • Limousine Tours
  • Monaco Le Grand Tour
  • Azur Express
  • Shopping


Must see in Monaco:


The Palais Princier:

Located in old Monaco-Ville, the Palais Princier or Prince’s Palace is the official house of Monaco’s Prince. It was originally constructed in 1191 and rebuilt several times after bombarded many external powers. Take guided tours for easy exploration of palace.


Monaco Cathedral:

Constructed in 1875 on the location of the 13th century church in the Romanesque-Byzantine style, the Monaco Cathedral is devoted to Saint Nicolas. There are many top class restaurants in the church square.


The Oceanographic Museum:

Being a top tourist attraction in Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum is concentrated on Monaco-Ville’s marine sciences. It was opened by Prince Albert I in 1910 and the museum holds a great collection of specimens of sea creatures.


Other places of interest in Monaco include:

  • Monaco-Ville
  • Jardin Exotique Monaco Opera House
  • La Condamine
  • Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery
  • Grimaldi Forum
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • French Riviera
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Grimaldi Forum
  • Rock of Monaco
  • Napoleon Museum
  • Larvotto Beach


When to visit Monaco?

Monaco features a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and warm, dry summers. Probably from April to October is the ideal time to trip Monaco.


Where to stay in Monaco?

Monaco is prosperous country housing many splurge hotels and less budget accommodation options. So it is advised for budget travelers to reach neighboring Ventimiglia or Nice. Some of the fine hotels and resorts in Monaco with top class facilities and services are as follows:

  • Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo
  • Hotel de Paris
  • Hotel Hermitage
  • Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort
  • Port Palace Hotel
  • Fairmont Monte Carlo
  • PV-Holidays
  • Columbus Monte-Carlo
  • Novotel Monte Carlo
  • Le Meridien Beach Plaza
  • Hotel Ambassador Monaco
  • The Monaco Penthouse
  • Palais Heracles
  • Palais de la Scala

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