Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kandhahar, Afghanistan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kandhahar, Afghanistan, Asia

Kandhahar is the second largest city coming in Kandhahar province towards south of Afghanistan lying at an altitude of 3310 feet above sea level. Kandhahar lies close to river Arghandab and is well known for wool, cotton, silk, dry fruits and tobacco. Kandhahar is bound by Lashkar Gah, Herat in west, Ghazni and Kabul towards northeast and Tarinkot towards north and Quetta in Pakistan in south. It coordinates with 31.37’ degree North Latitude and 65.43’ degree East Longitude.


History of Kandhahar:

Alexander the Great ruled Kandhahar during 330 B.C. and became a part of Kabul Shahi between 565 A.D to 879 A.D. Kandhahar was rule by Seleucid dynasty during return of Alexander the Great and was later ruled by Chandragupta Maurya who introduced Buddhism to this region around 305 B.C. Aryans came to this place during 1700 A.D. and was ruling the city for some time followed by Safavids who ruled the place from 1510 A.D to 1709 A.D. Kandhahar saw the arrival of Mughals in 1501 A.D. followed by Timurids, Kurts, Ghaznivads and Saffarids who ruled this city from time to time. Kandhahar also came under Hotaki dynasty from 1709 A.D to 1738 A.D. and currently is a part of Islamic Republic from 2001 onwards till date.


Places of interest in and near Kandhahar:

  • Kandhahar Museum
  • Tomb of Ahmed Shah Durrani
  • Chilzina a rock cut chamber
  • Kandhahar Airport
  • Mausoleum of Mirwais Hotak
  • Shrine of Baba Wali
  • Arghandab River
  • Governor’s Mansion
  • Kandhahar University
  • Kandhahar Park
  • Kokaran Park
  • Baghi Pul Park


Culture, shopping and Food in Kandhahar:

The city of Kandhahar is rich in culture as Pashtuns form the majority of the population followed by Tajiks, Hazaras, Baloch and Uzbeks who form the other chunk of population respectively. The locals of Kandhahar mostly prefer non-veg dishes like mutton kurma, chicken kurma, biryani and menus prepared out of rice. Kandhahar is well known for shopping which has many indoor shopping centers and malls selling various items, products.


Climate in Kandhahar:

Kandhahar experiences subtropical climatic conditions and summers start in mid of May and last till late September followed by month of autumn from October to late November. Winters begin from December and continue till early February where the nights remain cool and chilly and at times the minimum temperature exceeds below -25 degrees.

Connectivity to Kandhahar in Afghanistan:

Kandhahar is well connected by road and air modes of transport. It is linked to Kabul and Herat by National Highways. Many Benz buses also ply from Kandhahar to Kabul, Herat and other important cities at regular intervals. Kandhahar is also networked by airways as many domestic and international airlines to various destinations operate from Kandhahar Airport. Besides taxis, autos and cabs form the basic modes of local transport.


Hotels in Kandhahar:

Kandhahar has some very good hotels providing good accommodation facilities to the tourists. The hotels show all the hospitality and warmth towards the tourists who have taken accommodation in such hotels. Tourists can book hotels for short stay as well as long term stay and they can select a hotel as per their choice, requirements and budget. They can also book hotels well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of some of the hotels located in Kandhahar are:

  • Hotel Continental Guest House
  • Hotel Armani
  • Hotel Kabul Darwaza
  • Hotel Le Kandhahar

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