Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India

Bishnupur is located in Bankura district in the Indian state of West Bengal which is famous for terracotta temples and Balucheri Sarees. Bishnupur is the Lok Sabha as well as the Vidhana Sabha Constituency. The literacy rate in Bishnupur is 69% and Bengali and Hindi being the most widely spoken languages of the people living in Bishnupur. Bishnupur lies at an elevation of 194 feet above sea level and coordinates with 23.08’ degree North Latitude and 87.32’ degree East Longitude.

History of Bishnupur:

Bishnupur was ruled by Gupta rulers who were ruling this place for quite some time. The place was also known as Mallabhum as it was ruled by Malla kings who built many renowned terracotta temples during 18th century. The temples located in Bishnupur show a fine example of Bengal architecture and style.

Places to look around in and near Bishnupur:

Bishnupur is well renowned for some of the finest terracotta temples that is famous for its workmanship and craftsmanship. The temples are built using laterite and brick and are covered with terracotta tiles illustrating scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Some of the major temples that attract tourists are:

  • Dalmadal Kaman Temple
  • Lalgarh
  • Lalbandh
  • Acharya Jogeshchandra Museum
  • Gumgarh
  • Pathar Darwaja
  • Garh Darwaja
  • Stone Chariot
  • Nutan Mahal
  • Birthplace of Shrinibas Acharya
  • Jor Mandir
  • Radhamadhab Temple
  • Kalachand Temple
  • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Shyam Ray Temple


Kolkata is about 132 kms from Bishnupur famous for palaces, lakes, historical monuments, shopping and Durga Puja.

What Bishnupur is famous for?

Bishnupur is famous for terracotta products and many products like pottery, jewels and artifacts are made out of terracotta. One can find terracotta jars, bowels, jugs, elephants, horses and idols of lord Ganesha and Nataraja made out of terracotta. Bishnupur is also famous for Baluchari sarees, embroidery works, zari works and conch shells made out of terracotta.

Bishnupur is known for festivals and fairs where many residents come together to celebrate important occasions like Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Diwali which are celebrated in grand scale. Bishnupur also organizes a snake festival in August and Ultorath fair in December.

Best Season to visit Bishnupur:

Bishnupur can be visited all round the year as many festivals and occasions take place in this region. One can visit Bishnupur during January where the place is famous for Makarashankranti. One can visit Bishnupur in April which sees Bengali New Year celebrated with much pomp and show. During time of Navratris, Bishnupur is flooded with devotees who largely participate in Durga Puja, Kali Puja.

How to reach Bishnupur in West Bengal?

Bishnupur is well connected by road and rail modes of transport. Many local town and interstate buses operate from Bishnupur to Kolkata at regular intervals. Kolkata is about 132 kms from Bishnupur and long distance buses are available from Bishnupur to Kolkata, Asansol and Durgapur at regular intervals. Bishnupur is also linked by rail network as many passenger and express trains ply between Kolkata and Bishnupur on regular basis. Presently the nearest airport is Kolkata Airport which is about 140 kms away from Bishnupur. A new airport is being planned at Andal about 90 kms from Bishnupur and is expected to be completed in two years time.

Hotels in Bishnupur:

There are several good hotels available in Bishnupur ranging from budgeted class to ultra luxury ones in the vicinity of Bishnupur. The hotels provide good staying facilities and tariffs range from Rs. 500 onwards and go up to Rs. 4000 for ultra deluxe hotels. List of hotels located in and near Bishnupur are:

  • Hotel VIP International
  • Host International Hotel
  • Kingston Boutique Hotel
  • North Star Hotel
  • Hotel Red Rose
  • Hotel Priya
  • Hotel Tourists Center
  • Biswas Group of Hotels
  • Hotel Kamal
  • Hotel Shanti
  • Ghosh Hotel
  • Sanjoy Holiday Home
  • Hotel New White Palace
  • The Sonnet

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