Tourist Attractions in Chandipur, Baleswar, Orissa, India

Best Tourist Places in Chandipur, Baleswar, Orissa, India

Chandipur is small beach resort in Baleswar district in Orissa, India well known for beach. Chandipur town is located along the Bay of Bengal Sea and fishing is the main occupation of the populace of this region and Indian Army’s Integrated Test Range (ITR) is located in Chandipur. Chandipur is located 210 Kms away from Bhubaneswar city and Kolkata is situated about 265 Kms from this town and it is bound by Balasore, Baisinga, Lakshmannath and Digha towns. Pin code of Chandipur is 756025 and coordinates are 21.47° N 87.02° E.

Tourism in Chandipur:

Chandipur is one of the major tourists attractions in Orissa and it is located along Bay of Bengal and hosts one of the unblemished beaches in Orissa and also supports bio-diversity. This beach is unexplored beach with white sand, where touristss can spend most of the time and the beach is spotted with Casuarina trees and sandbank. Apart from the beach, touristss can also visit various temples and other destinations and visitors must also visit local market for shopping and should taste the local cuisine.

Places to visit in Chandipur:

Chandbali: this is one of the prominent tourists destinations near Chandipur located at the distance of 12 Kms from Chandipur town and touristss can take a ride in boat from Chandbali to destinations like Dhamra and Aradi.

Panchalingeswar: Panchalingeswar is one of the oldest temples in Orissa state located at top of the hill close to Nilagiri, which is famed for its flora. The major attraction of this shrine is five lingas and Panchalingeswar named after the five lingas located in this region.

Chandipur Beach: it is the major beach in Orissa state and touristss visits this beach in huge number and enjoys the beach activities and it is surrounded by the various rare trees.

Chashakhand: this is located 4 Kms away from Buribalam River and it is situated next to sea shore and it is one of the popular tourists destinations and touristss visit from all over the world.

Aradi: this location is famed for Shiva Temple, which is devoted to Lord Akhandalamani and Aradi is visited by numerous touristss and pilgrims everyday and situated on the banks of the Vaitarani River, at the distance of 120 Kms from Chandipur town.

Other places to visit in Chandipur:

  • Kshira Chora Gopinath Temple
  • Sri Madan Mohana Temple
  • Sri Govinda Temple
  • Radha-Rasabihari Temple
  • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
  • Lord Jagannath Temple
  • Dharma
  • Raibania
  • Chandaneswar
  • Talshari

Best Time to visit Chandipur:

Chandipur is famed for its beaches and thousands of touristss visit this location during the peak season and best time to visit Chandipur is between the months of October to March.

How to Reach Chandipur?

By Air: the nearest airport to Chandipur is Biju Patnaik Airport, which is located at the distance of 215 Kms from Chandipur city connected to several cities in India and nearest international airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, which is located 265 Kms away and taxis and buses are available from airport to Chandipur town.

By Train: the nearest railway station is Baleshwar Railway Station, which is located at the distance of 15 Kms from the city and connected to cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Vizag, and various other cities.

By Road: National Highway 5 and 60 connects Balasore city and from Balasore it is approx 10 Kms distance to Chandipur town and several buses ply from the neighbouring  regions to Chandipur town and from neighbouring states as well frequently.

Hotels in Chandipur:

Chandipur is one of the beach locations in Orissa, located along the Bay of Bengal and thousands of tourists visit this place during the peak season and hotels are available for all the touristss and hotels are classified into budget, mid and luxury and may cost from Rs. 300 and 1,000 and above and provide facilities like television, telephone, running hot and cold water, etc. Some of the prominent hotels in Chandipur and in Balasore, 10 Kms from Chandipur are listed below:

  • Panthanivas Hotel
  • Hotel Shubham
  • Shantinivas Hotel
  • Chandipur Hotel
  • Muktangan Hotel
  • Golden Hotel
  • Larica Yatrinivas
  • Pantha Nivas
  • Anandamayee Hotel
  • Mandakini Restaurant
  • Hotel Tarini
  • Hotel Lucky International
  • Panchajanya Hotel
  • Hotel Sanghi
  • Hotel Banjara
  • Hotel Trimurti
  • Hotel Chandrabhaga
  • Panchajanya Hotel


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