About Pondicherry (History of Pondicherry), India

About Pondicherry (History of Pondicherry)

The Pondicherry is now called as Puducherry, which is a Union territory of India consisting of four different territories of three states of our country namely Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.  The French people mainly ruled the Pondicherry and the very well arrangements of the roads to different areas of the territory and well structure of the Pondicherry city are still remaining as the proof of royal rule. Even though the Pondicherry was ruled by these royal rulers of French, which had made city of Pondicherry as the main portal region of the state of Tamil Nadu, the other rulers like Dutch, British, Danes and Portuguese were also ruled this city before the arrival of Europeans to this city.


While digging many proofs was found at Arikamedu, which explains the history of Pondicherry had started during the times of initial millennium.  At that time this city was in touch with Romans especially on business trades of colored cloth materials, ceramic and even valuable stones.

In continuation of Pondicherry history the Pallava Kingdom of Kanchipuram had occupied this region after the time of Romans in 4th century A.D after the time of Pallavas; the Pondicherry was under different dynasties from the Southern parts rulers up to the 10th century A.D.  Within the next entry by Pandya Kingdom in the 13-century A.D, the Pondicherry was ruled by for time being by Cholas of Tanjavur.  The origin of Vijayanagar Empire made its generations in the southern parts.  The Pondicherry has remained in Vijayanagar dynasty fold up to years 1638.  The Sultanas of Bijapur district has also ruled Pondicherry after the regime of Vijayanagar Empire.


At the time of discovery of sea route to India from Portuguese people, huge inflow of merchants from abroad countries have entered this place of Pondicherry for doing various trade businesses.

These people were decided to have the place in their fold in doing trade business and were different to the earlier merchants.  The Portuguese in Pondicherry had opened an industry, during 16th century and after many more factories have been established from the Europeans like Danes, Dutch and the French people.

By this time, the French people have engaged very much in trade business in Pondicherry and were the major ruling people than to others.  In 1673, the French were ruling Pondicherry without any disturbance and because of random clash primarily with Dutch people and soon after with the British people.  Then, the Dutch people were struggled to strengthen the Pondicherry with a four years time.  Meanwhile, the city had possessed once again by the French people in 1699 after a war with the Dutch people in the same century.  By that time they were put effort and changed the city of Pondicherry as a most recognition city by forming many extensions with pleasant architecture plans.

The further clashes between the French and English people observed some variations in the history of Pondicherry during the 18th century.  After the clashes, the French people were became dominant head of the area after a peace war with Europe and England countries.  The city gets its further growth that it had lost with the British people and recovered by the French people.  In the beginning of 1816, the city of Pondicherry was having good hold by the French people properly and the infrastructure developments to the city of Pondicherry were done along with the industries and educational institutions.

Around 1954, the so popular French people by missing the city of Pondicherry almost seven years after getting independence by the British ruling.  Then the city has become a union territory of our country and was controlled by Lt. Governor commissioned by then President of India.  The traces of French ruling was getting less recognition in the recent years, as the name of the old city Pondicherry has become new Puducherry.


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