Beautiful Places to Visit in Pipli, Odisha

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pipli, Odisha

Pipli is small Vale in Odisha, India. Pipli in Orissa is recognized for its appliqué work. Appliqué work outlines the main component of the handicrafts of Orissa. The appliqué work is a section of art where the cloth is engraved into fine-looking prototypes. Gorgeous molds describing flowers, animals, etc are prepared which are then sutured brilliantly onto a different piece of material.


In Pipli one can come across chain of traders showcasing the appliqué work.  The appliqué work in Pipli comprises divan wraps, memo bags, pillow coats, wall drapery, bed wraps, pouches, awning, garden umbrellas etc. It is believed that the emperors and aristocracy of Orissa had supported the appliqué work. There was time when the appliqué work of Orissa had reached its peak of brilliance. The parish of Pipli was laid down for lodging the arts men of Orissa. In the beginning the craftsmen only prepared streamers, umbrellas and awnings for the celebratory occurrences but due to wide acceptance of the art, the artisans instituted manufacturing many objects of convenience.

Appliqué is the major technique of Pipli which has been made contemporary at present day, conveying the efficacy feature to the public. Most of the hand edging is prepared by the countryside women folks, whereas the concluding and machine edging is subjugated by men. Conventionally the designs of deities, nature and natural world are characterized in the technique. At present the current living style, towns, calamities and other fashionable idea are being attributed in the craft. The artisans pursue the procedure of cutting, edging and embellishing the colored material in to colorful stuffs that are made use of in daily life such as hand baggage, umbrellas, wall drapery and wallets.

People and Culture of Pipli

The chief magnetism of Pipli is the women artisans creating the colorful appliqués in assemblage at the widespread workspace. Pipli is an exclusive illustration of both Muslim and Hindus synchronized with a zeal for appliqué work. There are shrines as well as mosques. The major avenue of Pipli ornamented with appliqué centers are the key appeals throughout the tourism period from November to December. At the rear the chief lane the folks of the artisans put up in a simple rural set.  The main source of income of the populace in Pipli is through the appliqué craft. It acts as commercial hub where the craft works are sold and marketed in Orissa.

Pipli has a diverse Hindu and Muslim ethnicity. Festivals of both the religious conviction are observed serenely. To a certain extent both the neighborhoods contribute in all the festivals such as Rath yatra, Dussehra, Id, Urs etc.

Places of attraction in and around Pipli

  • DhauliGiri (9.1 km)
  • Rock Edicts (9.2 km)
  • Chousath Yo (13.4 km)
  • Lingaraj Te (14.2 km)
  • Brahmeshwar (14.4 km)
  • Mukteswara (14.6 km)
  • Bindu Sagar (14.6 km)
  • Siddheshwar (14.7 km)
  • Kedar Gowri (14.7 km)
  • Parsuramesw (14.7 km)
  • Rajarani Te (14.8 km)
  • State Handi (16 km)
  • Orissa Stat (16.2 km)
  • Biju Patnai (16.4 km)
  • Khandagiri (17.7 km)

Accessibility to Pipli

By Road: Pipli is just 30 km away from the state capital city Bhubaneswar. There are public and private buses available to travel within the state as well the neighboring states.

By Train: The nearest railhead is at Bhubaneswar. It connects the city to both northern and southern parts of the country. One can hire taxis and buses to reach Pipli from Railway Station.

By Air: the nearest airport is Biju Patnaik airport located 35 km from the city and has direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi. Taxis and busses can be taken from airport to reach the destination if you are commuting by air.

Accommodation in Pipli

It has some good hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide various necessary services and the charges differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and tranquil stay of the tourist. Some of the hotels in Pipli are listed below.

  • Hotel Swosti
  • Hotel Pushpak
  • Hotel Arya Palace
  • Hotel Sishmo
  • Hotel Kalinga Ashok
  • The Crown
  • Ginger Hotel
  • Hotel Venus Inn
  • The New Marrion
  • The Royale Midtown
  • Hotel Smile
  • Hotel Grand Central
  • Saraswati Retreat

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