Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Daegu, South Korea, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Daegu, South Korea, Asia

Daegu is a metropolitan city in South Korea commonly known as the Daegu Metropolitan City is the 4th largest city after Seoul, Busan and Incheon. Daegu is situated towards the south east part of Korea and Geumho River flows through this region. There are number of manufacturing industries in the city like textile, metal and machinery and several other industries are also located in the city and fashion industry is one of the prime industries in the city and Daegu organizes number of exhibitions in the city.

Daegu is surrounded by Gyeongsan, Chilgok, Seongju, Cheongdo and Goryeong and capital of South Korea, Seoul is situated at the distance of 90 Kms from Daegu and coordinates of Daegu is 35.8636° N, 128.5808° E.


Tourism in Daegu:

Daegu is home for various tourist destinations and tourists from all over the world visit Daegu throughout the year. Daegu city has launched the IAAF World Championship and there are ancient tombs, temples and museum and Daegu offers various packages to the tourist to visit interesting sites and there are number of tourist buses as well accessible to plan local tour.


Food and Culture in Daegu:

There are some of the famed restaurants in the city which serves authentic and traditional food some of the famed delicious cuisine of Daegu are Pressed Noodle, Yaki Udong, Fried Makchang, Muchim Hoe, Catfish Stew and Donging Dong Steam Galbi. Populace of this region follows Buddhism and tradition and there are number of shopping malls in the city which offers wide range of goods at nominal prices.


Places to Visit in Daegu:

Daegu Art Museum:

It is one of the famed museums in the city and museum displays wide range of decorative artifacts and traditional culture of the city is visited by number of local tourists throughout the year.



Palgongsan is a mount which is located at the distance of 18 Kms from Daegu city and one of the famed mountains, home for number of Buddhist statues and this mountain is situated at an elevation of 1,192 meters above the sea level and there are few other mountains surrounded by this mount.


Donghwasa Temple:

Donghwasa Temple is situated at the foot of Palgongsan Mount at the distance of 6 kms from Daegu and temple was constructed in 493 AD, an ancient temple.


Bangjja Yugi Museum:

Is the renowned museum in the world which displays more than 1,500 bronze household items and this museum is devoted to Korean bronzeware.


Other Places of Interest in Daegu:

  • Pagyesa Temple
  • Eunhaesa Temple
  • Hengso Museum of Keimyung University
  • Korea Video Museum
  • Yangnyeongsi


Best time to Visit Daegu:

Daegu is one of the famed and busiest cities in South Korea and summer is very hot and humid and best time to visit Daegu is between the months of March to September.


How to Reach Daegu?

By Air:

Daegu is served by Daegu International Airport, which is located in northeastern part of Daegu and airport serves with domestic and international flights to Beijing, Jeju, Shanghai, Pudong, Seoul and Incheon.


By Train:

Daegu is the second largest the busiest railway hub in South Korea and it lies on Gyeongbu Line, number of travelers use this train everyday and it also the subway system which is operated by Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation.


By Road:

Daegu is well connected through road and there are two types of buses plying in and around the city, local and limited express bus and other local transport includes taxi, car, and bike.


Where to Stay in Daegu?

Daegu is a charming city and there are number of tourist sites to visit in Daegu city and accommodation is not a concern in the city as it has plenty of hotels in the city and these hotels cost from $ 40 to $ 130 and above per night with all the world class facilities and amenities. Some of the prominent hotels in Daegu are listed below:

  • Eldis Hotel
  • Saint Western
  • Novotel Ambassador Daegu
  • Hotel Inter Burgo
  • Hotel Inter-Burgo Exco
  • February Boutique Hotel
  • Uneed Business Hotel
  • Hotel Taegu
  • X Gate Hotel
  • Hotel The Palace Daegu
  • Top Motel Daegu
  • Como Boutique Hotel
  • Bally Motel Daegu

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