Tourist Places to Visit in Pohang, South Korea, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Pohang, South Korea, Asia

Pohang is located in North Gyeongsang province in South Korea located on the banks of River Hyeongsan. Pohang is famed as the industrial city on east cost and home for POSCO, one of the world’s biggest steel companies and hub for educational institutions, hospitals and Jukdo Market.

Pohang is surrounded by Gyeongju, Yeongcheon, Ulsan, Miryang, Cheongdo, Yeongdeok, Gyeongbuk, Uiseong, and Daegu is located at the distance of 120 Kms from Busan and 370 Kms from capital of South Korea, Seoul and coordinates of Pohang is 36.0322° N, 129.3650° E.


History of Pohang:

Pohang was inhabited from Mumun Pottery Period (1500–300 BC) and it was a small fishing village till 20th century. In the year 1930, modern harbor was developed in the city and there after it grew rapidly. During the Korean War, Pohang was the major Port for all the activities. Till the year 1960s, Pohang was small coastal city and it came into eye in the year 1986 with the inauguration of POSCO a steel company stared developing rapidly from there.


Tourism in Pohang:

Pohang is not famed for the tourist destinations but few kms from the city there are number of mountain regions and charming sites to visit and tourists can take pleasure in beach and national parks located close to the city. City organizes the firework festival at Bukbu Beach, annually which is visited by thousands of tourist around the world.


Food and Culture in Pohang:

Pohang is famed for authentic seafood and there number of small and luxury restaurants and hotels in the city which offers great quality of foods and populace of the region follow Buddhism and there are number of Buddhist temple located in the city.


Places to Visit in Pohang:

  • The Hands of Harmony
  • Songdo Beach
  • Bukbu Beach
  • Chilpo Beach
  • Wolpo Beach
  • Guryongpo Beach


Best time to Visit Pohang:

Pohang is industrial city located near the coast and summer is hot and humid and winter is relevantly pleasant and best time to visit Pohang is between the months of March to November.


How to Reach Pohang?

By Air:

Pohang is served by Pohang Airport, which is located at the distance of 10 Kms from the city and this airport serves domestic flights to cities like Jeju, Seoul and Gimpo.


By Sea:

Pohang is served by Pohang Sea Port and the major port in south east of South Korea serves as the domestic port is well connected to other ports in South Korea.


By Train:

Pohang has two major stations by name Pohang station and Hyoja station and these stations are connected to various parts of city in South Korea and Singyeongju Station is served by KTX railway (superfast train).


By Road:

There are two types of buses ply in the city local and limited express buses, these buses ply in and around the city and it is commonly used for short distance and other local transport includes bus, taxi and bike.


Where to Stay in Pohang?

Pohang is an industrial city and major port in south east of South Korea and there are plenty of hotels situated in and around the city, which cost from $ 30 to $ 150 and above per night and provides all the major facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in and around Pohang are listed below:

  • Commodore Chosun
  • Gyeongju Hilton
  • The Suites Hotel Gyeongju
  • Swiss Rosen Hotel
  • Bellus Rose Pension Hotel
  • Goodstay Phoenix Spa Hotel
  • Commodore Hotel Pohang
  • Gyeongju Chosun Spa Hotel
  • Artin Tiara Pension
  • Gyeongju Tourist Hotel
  • Hotel Valentine
  • Simple Life Hotel
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