Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Brescia, Italy, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Brescia, Italy, Europe

Brescia is a city located in the region of Lombardy in Italy between 45°32′ N latitude and 10°14′ E longitude, around 100 km east of Milan, the regional capital and the second largest city of Italy, and 565 km northwest of Rome, the capital of Italy. It is the administrative centre of the Province of Brescia noted for its historical importance.


Geography of Brescia:

Brescia sprawls over an area of 90.7 sq. km, is located at the foot of the Alps mountain range about 150 meters above sea level.


History of Brescia:

Earlier called Brixia, Brescia is a historical city which was initially settled by a tribe of Gauls in the 7th century BC. According to an uncertain theory, Cidnus, the king of the Ligures, was the founder of Brescia. The Duomo Vecchio and the Duomo Nuovo are the most famous historical landmarks in Brescia.


How to reach Brescia?

Brescia airport is very small and operates only seasonal flights, so the closest international airport to Brescia is Verona Villafranca Airport which is situated about 70 km away from Brescia operating flights from and to Catania, Paris, Rome, London, Manchester, Bucharest, Bari and many other well known European cities.

Brescia is reachable from Milan city by both train and bus and by train; it takes around an hour and costs €6.

Also the city of Brescia is home to many famed travel agencies offering cars and bikes for airport travel and shopping.


Culture, Food and shopping in Brescia:

Brescia is the home town of many renowned singers, football players and artists including L’Aura, Marco Cassetti, Mario and Balotelli.

Most of the famous traditional shops of Brescia are located in the historic center of the city. The prominent food corners in Brescia include:

  • Ristorante Nineteen – 19
  • Zio’s Pizza Brescia
  • La Trattoria dal 1960
  • Amarcord Piadineria Artigianale


Things to do in Brescia:

  • Visit lakes
  • Shopping
  • Walking
  • Bike riding


Places to see in Brescia:

Duomo Vecchio:

Located at Piazza Paolo VI in Brescia, the Duomo Vecchio or Old Cathedral is Romanesque church dating back to the 11th century. It currently attracts tourists for its circular shape and historical importance and it houses numerous significant paintings including the Evangelists Luke and Mark.


Santa Giulia’s cloister:

The Santa Giulia’s cloister is a former convent home to more than 10,000 years old well preserved artifacts and archeological objects.


The Castle of Brescia:

The castle of Brescia is located at the north-east edge of the city housing armory and offering great views of the Alps mountain range and the city.


List of other places of interest in Brescia includes:

  • Museo di Santa Giulia
  • Torre di San Martino
  • Chiesa di S. Salvatore
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria della Carita
  • Piazza della Loggia
  • Associazione Brescia Underground
  • Tempio Capitolino e Piazza del Foro
  • Chiesa di S. Agata
  • Franciacorta Golf Club
  • Circolo Golf Bogliaco
  • Valle di Inzino
  • Pinacoteca Civica Tosio-Martinengo
  • Rocca D’Anfo
  • Chiesa Santissimo Corpo di Cristo


Best time to visit Brescia:

Throughout the year is best, especially the summer months are ideal to trip Brescia.


Accommodation options in Brescia:

There are hotels less in numbers in Brescia compared to other Italian cities of which luxury hotels are higher in majority and tourists can find budget hotels around the railway station. The most famous hotels in Brescia are as follows:

  • BEST WESTERN Hotel Master
  • Novotel Brescia 2
  • Hotel Ambasciatori
  • AC Hotel Brescia by Marriott
  • Regal Hotel and Apartment
  • Hotel Noce
  • Park Hotel Ca Noa
  • Centro Pastorale Paolo VI
  • Hotel Della Volta
  • Hotel Antica Fonte
  • Ai Ronchi Motor Hotel
  • Una Hotel Brescia
  • Hotel Fiera di Brescia
  • Primotel Brescia Centro
  • Cristallo Hotel Brescia

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