Beautiful Tourist Places in Rajula, Amreli, Gujarat, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Rajula, Amreli, Gujarat, India

Rajula is a city in Gujarat, India. Initially the township was positioned amidst Dholio Dunger and Piriyo Dungar but over a period of time the margins of the region have extended in all directions. Rajula has agricultural based economy. Groundnut Onion and Cotton are the chief crops grown here. Rajula region has extensive rock mines that sell abroad and in around the country.

History of Rajula

It is supposed that the Rajula province was under the rule of Maratha Empire, who had gained control of the region in the year 1780.  The terrain was also attained by the Gaekwads, who chose Amreli as the command center for their Kathewad pranth.

Tourist Attractions in Rajula


Dhareshwar is an additional noteworthy shrine near Rajula along with the Kumbhnath Sukhnath shrine. This shrine is positioned just about of 4 km from the town. It is whispered that the shrine was recognized by the Bhima from Mahabharata. It lies on the basin of the River Dhaterwadi and close to this shrine lies a sacred kund, where populace take sanctified dips to get exonerate their misdeeds.

Kumbhnath Sukhnath Temple                     

The Kumbhnath Sukhnath shrine is one of the mainly admired landmarks of Rajula. This sanctuary is an antique Lord Shiva sanctuary. According to the account of this shrine it states that the figurine of Lord Shiva here was erected by Bhima and Yudhishthira of Mahabharata without any help from the outside. The shrine is positioned on the basin of River Ghano, which is a branch of the chief River of Dhaterwadi. The chief characteristic of this shrine is its festivities planned on the festivals of Satam Atham and Janmashthami.

The environment of this shrine encompasses numerous additional important places of worship and landmarks of the township namely Ram Mandir, Sankheshwarimataji Mandir, Holia Hanumanji Nu Mandir, Ambama Nu Mandir, Samudrimataji Mandir, Bhidbhanjan, Gayatrijinu Mandir, Goverdhannathji Ni Havel and Sanyas Ashram. There is also a petite lagoon of Maruti Dham to be found near this shrine and on the west area of this township.


Maruti Dham                     

Maruti Dham is a well admired lake as well as a picnic site of the Rajula Town. This lake is positioned near the Kumbhnath Sukhnath shrine and its environment encompasses green vegetations, wells, bathing sites, graveyards, orphanages and stables.

People and Culture of Rajula

The ethnicity of the Rajula region is conserved by Darbars Garashiya and is urbanized by the Bania Kapol population. This province is prominent for a huge preserve of marbles in the excavations. Rajula is renowned for its prosperous inheritance that serves as an indication of the Rajputana monarchy. Moreover the ethnicity of the Rajula region is remarkable that is mirrored in the celebrations such as Satam Atham and Janmashtami.

Best season to visit Rajula

The best time to visit Rajula is during the months of October to March. The summer is very hot scorching with humidity. There is heavy downpour during the monsoon season. The climate in the winter season is very pleasant is the best time for tourists to visit Rajula.

Accessibility to Rajula

By Road: Rajula is located on the National highway 8E that connects Bhavnagar with Somnath. Public and private buses are accessible to reach Rajula from the nearby towns and cities. It connects the town to the major cities in and around Gujarat.

By Train: Rajula railway station is directly connected with the major railheads such as Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Surat and Bhavnagar. People can opt for buses or taxies from station to reach the destination.

By Sea: Power boats and cruisers are made use of for the transportation through the sea. Once on the dock one can hire taxis or load a bus to reach Rajula.

Accommodation in Rajula

One can find abundant hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges in Rajula. The hotels make available many amenities and the rates differ from hotel to hotel. Some high end hotels offers host of world class services to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom facilities, laundry facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath and spa etc. List of hotels in Rajula are:

  • Lion Lords Inn
  • Hotel Madhav Park
  • Hotel Heaven
  • Hotel Blue Diamond
  • Sugati Beach Resort
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Kohinoor Hotel
  • Hotel Alishan
  • Hemal Garden
  • Hotel Khushi International
  • Radhika Beach Resort
  • Hotel Gurukrupa
  • Hotel Moon Light
  • Hotel Pooja
  • Hotel Heaven
  • Har Bhole Hotel

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