Bassein Tourist Places to Visit in Bassein, Myanmar, Asia

Bassein Tourist Places to Visit in Bassein, Myanmar, Asia

Bassein is presently known as Pathein and the capital of Ayeyarwady Region in Myanmar. The Pathein River flows besides this region is the 4th largest city in Burma. Bassein spans over an area of 104 km2. Bassein is sited at a distance of 565 km from the capital city of the country, Naypyidaw and about 194 km from Yagon in the west direction. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 16046’27” N and 94043’54” E.


Climate of Bassein:

Bassein has a Tropical Monsoon climate and dry season is from December to April has cooler temperature and rainy season is from June to August and rest of the months remains hot.


History of Bassein:

The region Bassein was under the administration of the Mon Kingdom. In the year 1826, the British arrived on the shores of Bassein and developed an army base. They constructed a fort after the first Anglo-Burmese War. The British rule continued to prevail in the region till the year 1948. Various national events and riots took place in Myanmar in the name of national freedom struggle against the oppression of the then British Raj. 4th January 1948, witnessed the end of the British rule in Myanmar and marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Independent Myanmar. As per statistics taken into account, in the year 1983 the population in the region touched a figure of 144,095.

Several rice mills were setup during the British rule still exists in the region. With time various other occupations emerged in the city, such as pottery, baskets, bucket making, etc.


Food & Culture of Bassein:  

Burmese is the official language of the Bassein and majority of the inhabitants of Bassein, worship Buddhism, while others either worship Islam, Hinduism or Christianity. There are many resorts and food stalls situated along the Coast line which serves authentic seafood and Burmese cuisines and there are few shopping centers in the Pathein where tourists purchase colorful umbrellas.


Tourist Places in Bassein:

Chaung Thar Beach:

Chaung Thar Beach is located towards the west part of Pathein at the distance of 35 kms from middle of the city and famed beaches in the city and coconut palms and casuarinas trees at the back of the beach.


Ngwe Saung Beach:

Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the famed beaches in the city located at the distance of 45 kms from the city and most pleasant beach visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.


Myat Maw Tin Pagoda:

Myat Maw Tin Pagoda is one of the prime attractions in the city which is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year.


Other Places to visit in Pagoda:

  • Zalun
  • Inyegyi Pond
  • Shwe-mok-htaw Pagoda

 Means of Commutation to Bassein:

Bassein is served by Pathein Airport located at the distance of 7 kms from city center which caters with flights to cities like Yangon and Thandwe. From airport tourists can avail Taxis or Buses services to reach the destinations.

Bassein is well connected via road and water to places within the country, Myanmar. There are daily Buses commuting passengers from Bassein to places such as Ngwesaung, Yangon and Chaungtha Beach. To get around the city tourists can avail Buses, Cycle Rickshaws, Horse carriage, Ferry and Taxis.

There are also long distance Ferry services such the Chinese triple-deckers commuting passengers from Bassein to Yangon, Lanthit St Jetty and vice versa.


Accommodation Options at Pathein:

There are few hotels situated in Pathein that range from budget, economy and standard good amenities and services to customers. Major and luxury hotels are situated at the distance of 190 kms which offers top class amenities like spa, air coolers, laundry and ironing services, airport shuttle etc. List of some of the hotels situated in Pathein are:

  • Paradise Hotel
  • Sein Pyae Hlyan Inn
  • La Pyae Wun Hotel
  • Taan Taan Ta Guest House
  • Hotel Breeze See Sein Resort
  • Hotel Grand
  • Hotel Max Chaung Tha Beach
  • Hotel Alliance Resort
  • Hotel Ace
  • Hotel Pathein Pathein

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