Tourist Places to Visit in Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, America

Saint Vincent is the largest island of the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines placed between Saint Lucia and Grenada islands. Kingstown is the largest city on the island and other major settlements are Chateaubelair, Georgetown, Calliaqua, Layou and Barrouallie.


Geography of Saint Vincent:

Saint Vincent is a volcanic island home to the highest peak in the country, La Soufrière. It coordinates with 13°15′ N latitude and 61°12′ W longitude, measuring a length of 29 km and a width of 18 km with a total area of 345 sq. km.


History of Saint Vincent:

Saint Vincent was ruled by French initially and later it came under the control of the British in 1783 and became independent on October 27, 1979 from the British. It is believed that, Saint Vincent was named by Christopher Columbus during his third voyage in the year 1498 in the honor of the patron saint of Lisbon and Valencia, Saint Vincent of Saragossa.


How to reach Saint Vincent?

Saint Vincent is served by E.T. Joshua Airport situated in the vicinity of the capital city, Kingstown and has good connections with Barbados, Grenada, Port of Spain, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia, catered by LIAT, SVG Air, Mustique Airways, Grenadine Airways, Conviasa and many other famed airlines.

Taxi service is available, generally charge EC$25 from Indian Bay to Kingstown. Tourists can also take advantage of public bus service.

Ferries are useful to reach neighboring islands and major ferry operators include:

  • MV Gem Star
  • Bequia Express
  • Admiralty Transport
  • Jaden Sun Fast Ferry


Food and Shopping in Saint Vincent:

The major food corners in Saint Vincent are:

  • Paradise Beach Hotel Restaurant
  • Grand View Grill
  • Time Out Cafe
  • Soliel Cafe Restaurant


Tourists can refer following options for shopping:

  • K. Greaves Supermarket
  • Sunrise Market
  • Edwin D. Layne & Sons Store


Things to do in Saint Vincent:

  • Buccament Forest Nature Trail
  • Vermont Nature Trail
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving


Places of interest in Saint Vincent:


Buccament Bay:

Buccament Bay is a pleasant beach, perfect for snorkeling. There is an anchorage shelf in the vicinity of the beach and Buccament Bay Resort on the edge of Buccament Bay.


Villa Beach and Indian Bay:

Villa Beach and Indian Bay are twin beaches, separated by small hilly projection. These two spectacular white sand beaches are placed on the southeast tip of Saint Vincent and both are ideal for snorkeling. Also beaches offer great views of Young Island and other Grenadine islands.



Kingstown is the capital of the island as well as country featuring most of the historical identities of the island including Botanical Gardens St. Vincent, St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption, St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Fort Charlotte and Kingstown Methodist Church.


Other places of interest in Saint Vincent include:

  • Montreal Gardens
  • La Soufriere
  • Mesopotamia Valley
  • Bat Cave
  • Falls of Baleine
  • National Museum
  • Fort Duvernette
  • Turtle Bay
  • Queens Drive
  • Table Rock
  • Petit Tabac
  • New Guinea Reef


Best time to visit Saint Vincent:

Throughout the year is best, especially between the months of January and April is ideal to visit Saint Vincent.


Accommodation options in Saint Vincent:

Saint Vincent houses all the kinds of accommodation centres ranging from budget options to top end hotels and resorts. Here is the list of the best hotels, villas and resorts in Saint Vincent:

  • The New Montrose Hotel
  • New Haddon Hotel
  • Tranquillity Beach Apartment Hotel
  • Rich View Guesthouse
  • Fairview Guest House
  • Beachcombers Hotel
  • Paradise Beach Hotel
  • Rosewood Apartment Hotel
  • The Cobblestone Inn
  • The Heron Hotel
  • Murray Heights Hotel
  • The Bridge House
  • Crystal Heights Guest House
  • Tropic Breeze Hotel
  • Lagoon Marina and Hotel
  • Sunset Shores Beach Hotel

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