Tourist Places to Visit in Nkongsamba, Cameroon, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Nkongsamba, Cameroon, Africa

Nkongsamba is a city belonging to the Moungo department in the Littoral region of Cameroon, located at an elevation of 820 meters above sea level. Nkongsamba is geographically positioned at 04°57′ N latitude and 09°56′ E longitude, around 135 kilometers northeast of Douala, the largest city of Cameroon. Nkongsamba is located amidst of two mountains, Mount Nlonako and Massif du Manengouba.

Nkongsamba is noted for the productions of oil palms, bananas and coffee and has been also popularized by many artists and sportsmen born in the city like Daniel Kamwa, Ibrahim N’Jemane and Samuel Eto’o. Ville is the center point of Nkongsamba, houses many modernized food corners and entertainment centers. A village, called Baré, located around 10 kilometers away from Nkongsamba, is famous for Thursday farmer’s market.


Conenctivity to Nkongsamba:

The airport of Nkongsamba was abandoned, so international tourists are needed to reach Douala Airport first before to reaching Nkongsamba. There are taxis always being ready to serve visitors at the airport and for inexpensive travel, visitors can wait until the arrival of a bus.

Douala Airport is located around 145 kilometers away from Nkongsamba, handling flights to and from Istanbul, Paris, Johannesburg, Nairobi and many other African and European cities.

Minibuses are widely used for local travel in Nkongsamba and rental vehicles are also used.



Culture, Food and Shopping in Nkongsamba:

Kaa and Baneka are the common languages spoken in Nkongsamba and the local people also have an awareness of English and French languages.

A Thursday farmers market in Baré village, around 10 kilometers away from the Nkongsamba city center, where one can purchase a variety of locally made wood carvings, handicraft items, embroidery and potteries at economical prices.

Nkongsamba houses many modern restaurants, although those who want a variety of international dishes can head towards Douala (around 130 kilometers from Nkongsamba).


Things to do in Nkongsamba:

  • City tours
  • Mountain climbing
  • Shopping


Places to see in Nkongsamba:

Massif du Manengouba:

Overlooking the Nkongsamba city, Massif du Manengouba is a mountain measuring an altitude of 2,396meters. The mountain is famous among adventure sport and nature lovers.


Nkongsamba Airport:

The Nkongsamba Airport is abandoned due to the financial reasons, but visitors are allowed to tour the airport and is located within the city, around 1 kilometer south of Nkongsamba.

Douala National Maritime Museum:

The Douala National Maritime Museum is situated in the Douala city, around 130 kilometers away from Nkongsamba and the museum is concentrated on showcasing the maritime history of Cameroon with well showcased objects.



Doual’art is a non-profit cultural organization and art museum situated in the Douala city, the largest city of Cameroon. Doual’art exhibits the achievements of many renowned Cameroonian artists with their well preserved works and also supports local talents.


List of other places of interest in Nkongsamba and Doula (around 130 km) includes:

  • Mount Nlonako
  • Former Kings Palace Bell
  • Hotel Akwa Palace
  • Place du Gouvernement
  • Casino Kheops
  • Collège Libermann
  • Douala International Airport
  • Joseph-Francis Sumegné
  • University of Douala
  • Cathedral Saint-Pierre-Et-Saint-Paul
  • Marche des Fleurs
  • La Nouvelle Liberté
  • La Pagode


Best time to visit Nkongsamba:

Throughout the year is the best time to visit Nkongsamba, especially during the months between November and February is ideal to travel Nkongsamba in Cameroon.


Accommodation options in Nkongsamba:

Nkongsamba provides a limited number of standard hotels, at this point, to have memorable hospitality services, it is advised for visitors to reach the nearby Douala city. The famous hotels in Nkongsamba and Douala (around 130 kilometers) are as follows:

  • Villa Kleber Chollier
  • Le Meridien Douala
  • Planet Hotel
  • Ibis Douala
  • Residence Hoteliere La Falaise
  • Vallee des Princes
  • Hotel Royal Palace
  • Hotel Akwa Palace
  • Hotel Palace Bano
  • Sky Hotel Bonapriso
  • Hotel Laguna Palace
  • Afrique Hotel Douala Airport
  • Hotel Makepe Palace
  • Hotel Prince de Galles
  • Hotel Sawa
  • Hotel Serena Palace

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