Tourist Places to Visit in Luba, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Luba, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, Africa

Luba, earlier called San Carlos, is a town situated on the Bioko Island belonging to the Central African country, Equatorial Guinea. It is the 2nd largest town on the island, after the national capital, Malabo, which is around 50 km northeast of Luba. Luba is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, housing many excellent beaches, a colonial hospital, affluent Luba Crater Scientific Reserve, cafes and entertainment centres.

Luba holds a port, mainly used for the logging industry. Luba is geographically positioned between 3°27′ N latitude and 8°33′ E longitude, at an elevation of 180 meters.


Connectivity to Luba:

As like the other towns in Bioko Island, Luba is also served by the prime airport of the country, Malabo International Airport. The airport is located around 45 km northeast of the midpoint of Luba, which are connected by regular bus services. For more comfort airport travel, visitors can book a private transfer prior to reaching the city or take airport taxi.

Luba houses some travel agencies, offering rental vehicles like cars and mopeds for local travel, airport travel and sightseeing purposes.


Food and Shopping in Luba:

Luba houses many tourist favor food corners with traditional and other African countries menus. Shops are few, limited to grocery stores.


Things to do in Luba:

  • Shopping
  • Village tours
  • Walking


Places to see in Luba:


Beaches in Luba:

Being a coastal town, Luba houses many striking black sand beaches with opportunities of different water sport activities including swimming. One can also find many modernized restaurants lying on the beach.


Colonial hospital in Luba:

Luba is home to many well preserved colonial buildings of which the most recognized one is hospital building, which gained prominence for its nice construction and surrounding environment.


Luba Crater Scientific Reserve:

The Luba Crater Scientific Reserve or Reserve Scientifique de la Caldera de Luba is situated to the south of the town of Luba, spread up an area of 51,000 hectares. This protected dense rainforest is especially known for endangered primate species. Also one can find turtle species nestled on the beaches like Olive ridley sea turtle, Leatherback sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtle.

Belebú Balachá:

Belebú Balachá is a village located to the south of Luba, known for its pleasant environment formed by rich vegetation. It can be reached by a rental vehicle from Luba.



Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, situated around 50 km northeast of Luba. The city is packed with many colonial buildings, churches and modernized shops and restaurants. It is also home to the national university, the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatoria.


List of other places of interests in and around Luba include:

  • Malabo Cathedral
  • Sofitel Malabo President Palace
  • Malabo Government Building
  • Beaches in Malabo
  • Malabo International Airport
  • Malabo Court Building
  • Arena Blanca
  • Moca Valley
  • Colegio Nacional Enrique Nvó Okenve
  • Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
  • Ureca
  • Pico Malabo
  • The Museum of Biyabiyan
  • Pico Basil


Best time to visit Luba:

Probably the months of December, January and February are ideal to visit Luba to enjoy its beach beauties.


Accommodation Options in and around Luba:

There are few hotels to stay in Luba but one can find it in nearby city Malabo, where more than 20 hotels are located with all basic and latest facilities and services. Malabo can be reached by bus or rental car from Luba. The major hotels in Malabo (around 50 km from Luba):

  • Hotel El Castillo
  • Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf
  • Mango Suites
  • Hilton Malabo
  • Hotel Candy
  • Sofitel Malabo
  • Hotel Impala
  • Ibis Malabo
  • Hotel Bahia Malabo
  • Hotel de Federaciones Malabo
  • 3 de Agosto
  • Hotel Bantu
  • Apartahotel Preguis
  • Hostal Residencia Santa Emilia
  • Hotel de Federaciones Malabo
  • Hotel Paraiso

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