Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, Africa

Evinayong is a town and the administrative centre of the Centro Sur Province in the Rio Muni mainland of Equatorial Guinea, located around 120 km southeast to the country’s largest city, Bata. It is situated in the mountainous region, famous among tourists for its nightlife, traditional market and waterfalls in the vicinity of the town. Other than nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts are also frequented to Evinayong.

Prison in Evinayong is one of the landmarks of the town. Evinayong lies around 630 meters above sea level and coordinates with 1°27′ N latitude and 10°34′ E longitude.


How to reach Evinayong?

There is no alternative to travel Evinayong except Bata Airport, so international tourists are needed to reach Bata Airport first and then take bus or taxi from there to Evinayong. The Bata Airport is located around 130 km away from the centre of Evinayong and operates flights from and to the African cities Douala, Libreville, Cotonou and Malabo. Intercontinental tourists are advised to reach either Malabo Airport within the country or Douala Airport in Cameroon or Libreville Airport in Gabon and then to turn their journey to Bata Airport.

The town of Evinayong can explore by buses or rental vehicles.


Food and Shopping in Evinayong:

Evinayong houses many tourist favor food corners serving visitors with mouthwatering local delicacies at reasonable prices. Shopping is limited to traditional markets and grocery store. For modern shopping options, visitors can drive towards Bata city.


Things to do in Evinayong:

  • Exploring waterfalls
  • Village tours
  • Shopping at Evinayong traditional market


What to see in Evinayong?


Nightlife in Evinayong:

Nightlife is one of the main reasons to visit Evinayong, which features many clubs, restaurants and cafes with different entertainment activities until midnight.


Monte Alén National Park:

The Monte Alén National Park is situated to the west of Evinayong, covering an area of 2000 km². The park was established in the year 1990 and receives loads of nature and adventure sport lovers for waterfalls, prosperous vegetation and hiking opportunity. It can explore best through a guide tour.


Traditional market of Evinayong:

As like the other towns in Equatorial Guinea, Evinayong also houses prominent traditional market with a great selection of locally made items like handicraft products, woodcarving, dolls and jewels.


Piedra Nzas Natural Monument:

The Piedra Nzas Natural Monument is a nature reserve in Equatorial Guinea, covering an area of 19,000 ha. Established in the year 2000, the reserve is situated to the east of Evinayong.



Bata, the largest city of Equatorial Guinea, situated around 120 km away from Evinayong, houses many spectacular beaches as well as upgraded nightlife options like restaurants, cafes and disco clubs.


Other places of interest in and around Evinayong are as follows:

  • Bata Airport
  • Arena Blanca
  • Evinayong
  • Beaches in Bata
  • Nightlife in Bata
  • Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial
  • Moca Valley
  • Monte Alén National Park
  • Santa Isabel Catholic Cathedral
  • Pico Malabo
  • Colegio Nacional Enrique Nvó Okenve
  • Pico Basilé
  • The Museum of Biyabiyan
  • Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program


Best time to visit Evinayong:

The best time to visit Evinayong is from November to March while the weather remains pleasant and supportive for outdoor activities.


Accommodation Options in Evinayong:

There are modernized hotels difficult to see in Evinayong but one can use camping for accommodation purpose. Those who want more facilitated hotels can head towards Bata city, which is situated around 120 km away from Evinayong. The prominent hotels in Evinayong and Bata city are as follows:

  • Panafrica Hotel
  • Les Pagaies
  • Elik Melen
  • Ibis Bata
  • Hotel Gabriel
  • Hotel Yessika
  • Aparthotel Plaza

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