Tourist Places to Visit in Kouklia, Paphos, Cyprus, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Kouklia, Paphos, Cyprus, Europe

Kouklia is a small village in the Paphos district on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and the village was founded in the Old Paphos, mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. Kouklia is known for its natural beauty surrounded by greenery, mountains and ocean on other side which makes the village a popular tourist destination in Cyprus.

Kouklia hosts few hospitals, schools, coffee shops, plaza and other facilities and economy of the town depends on tourism, agriculture and few people are employed in Aphrodite Hills Resort Complex. Kouklia is surrounded by Timi, Mandria, Anarita, Nikokleia, Choletria, Alektora and Pissouri villages and situated at the distance of 130 kilometers from Nicosia, capital of Cyprus. Coordinates of Kouklia are 34.7083° N, 32.5083° E.


History of Kouklia:

Kouklia was the religious site since 1200 BC and devotes from other Mediterranean counties use to visit the village throughout the year. Populace of the region worshiped the Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty and temple was never constructed for the goddess and all the rulers who ruled the town worshiped the goddess and every year, populace of the village organize the procession from Paphos city to Kouklia village and events like music, theatrical, poetic and athletic activities are organized.


Tourism in Kouklia:

Coral Bay:

Coral Bay is 600 meter crescent beach consisting of soft white sand and calm throughout the year and jet skis and banana boat rides are popular on the beach.


Tomb of the King:

Tomb of the King is situated at the distance of 16 kilometer from Kouklia village is an ancient Greek burial site with strong history dating back to 300 BC and it was the final resting place of about 100 Ptolemaic nobles.


Climate in Kouklia:

Kouklia is situated along the Mediterranean Sea and during summer climate is warm from June to October and winter is cool from November to March and best time to visit Kouklia is from June to October.


Transportation to Kouklia:

By Air:

Paphos International Airport is situated at the distance of 15 kilometers from center of the village Kouklia is one of the main airports in south western part of the country is one of the busiest airports in the Cyprus has direct and regular flights to Bristol, Edinburgh, London-Gatwick, London-Luton, Manchester, Warsaw-Chopin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Manchester, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and few other cities in Europe.


By Sea:

Kouklia has small port which receives small ferries from neighboring ports and best mode of the transportation from neighboring cities in the Cyprus Island.


By Road:

Kouklia is renowned village in the country visited by both the tourists and devotees alike and has regular bus services from all the cities and towns on the island and taxis, cars, scooters and bicycle are other mode of transportation accessible to public.


Accommodation in Kouklia:

Tourist can have a comfortable stay at hotels in Kouklia and hotels are for both devotees and tourists. There are three star hotels with deluxe rooms as well as decent budget hotels in Kouklia. Hotels at Kouklia have various outstanding facilities such as free transport to and fro airport, flat screen TV, children amusement areas, medicinal massages etc. Rental charge on rooms in three star hotels in Kouklia starts at $ 15 per day. List of hotels in Kouklia are as follows:

  • Paradise Cove Luxurious Beach Villas
  • Coral Beach Hotel & Resort
  • Amathus Beach Hotel Paphos
  • Annabelle
  • Constantinou Bros Athena Royal Beach Hotel
  • Aura Holiday Villas
  • Theo Sunset Bay Holiday Village
  • Panareti Coral Bay Resort
  • Louis Imperial Beach
  • Nicolas Elegant Residence
  • Capital Coast Resort & Spa
  • Louis King Jason
  • Club St George Resort

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