The Temples in Mysore – Spiritual Perpetuity

The Temples in MysoreSpiritual Perpetuity

Culture, tradition, religion and spiritualism are the things that India is known for. Coming to the pilgrimages you can find a huge number of them in South India especially in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. You can find thousands of devotees from all over the world coming here to visit the artistry of the ancient temples.

The History of the Temples:

Kings of different dynasties who ruled this part before the British invasion constructed the temples of Mysore. But even today these temples have not lost their significance and always been remembered and visited.

Significance of the Temples:

Religious Importance: South Indian temples have always been an ideal destination of pilgrimage. Thousands of devotees from different parts of the country come here to witness devotion and pay their homage.

Architectural Importance: Temples of Mysore are known for its typical South Indian beautiful architecture that shows love for artistic creations. The art includes painting; stone cut work and much more.

Cultural Importance: With the best art forms found on these temples one can be sure of telling how much preference people give for their culture and tradition.

Some of the popular temples of Mysore are:

Narayana Temple

Gayathri Temple

Jagamohana Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

Sri Lakshmi Venkataramanaswamy Temple

Agasteeshawara Temple

Kodi Bhairava Temple

Shwetha Varahaswami Temple

The Nimishamaba Temple

One should Visit Mysore to explore South Indian devotion, culture, tradition and art.

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