Places to Visit in Weerawila, Sri Lanka, Asia

Places to Visit in Weerawila, Sri Lanka, Asia

Weerawila is a village located in Hambantota District in Southern Province of Sri Lanka is situated about 20 kms northeast of district capital Hambantota and about 220 kms southeast of national capital Colombo. Weerawila is well known for Weerawila Airport.


Weerawila Airport:

Weerawila Airport is a domestic military airport located just away from the village centre is placed between 06°15′15″ N latitude 81°14′02″ E longitude and about 13 kms away from Hambantota International Airport.


Geography of Weerawila:

Weerawila experiences a tropical wet and dry climate.


Economy of Weerawila:

Most of the people in Weerawila are involved in agricultural activities and few natives in industrial and administrative sectors.


Connectivity to Weerawila:

Weerawila has got good connectivity with its nearby regions and major cities of the province because of its near proximity with one of the main cities of Sri Lanka Hambantota. There are plenty of private and public buses plying between Weerawila and its nearby regions and one can board buses at Weerawila Bus Junction.

Weerawila is not well connected with railway transportation and the nearest major railway station is Diaythalawa Railway Station located at a distance of 110 kms.

Weerawila has its own airport situated few kilometers away from the village and the nearest international airport is Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (30 kms).


Food, Culture and Shopping in Weerawila:

Weerawila is a multicultural and multiethnic village houses inhabitants of Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Sinhalese and Tamil are widely spoken languages in Weerawila and also some natives speak Urdu, English and other languages. The major festivals celebrated in Weerawila are Vesak Full Moon Poya Day, Deepavali Festival Day, Tamil Thai Pongal Day and Maha Sivarathri Day.

Weerawila people are the great lovers of non vegetarian cuisine. Very common and famous food in Weerawila includes Pol Sambola, Hoppers, Pittu, Lamprais, Koola’ya, Weli Thalapa, Undu Walalu, Kalu Dodol and Kokis.

Weerawila houses few star hotels and shops, due to this tourist can visit the hotels and shops of Hambantota for quality dishes and better shopping experience. Hambantota is located 20 kms away from Weerawila.



Tourist Attractions near Weerawila:

Weerawila Airport:

Weerawila Airport is located few kilometers away from Weerawila centre is a military and civilian airport located at the coordinates of 06°15′15″ N 81°14′02″ E.


Hambantota International Cricket Stadium:

Hambantota International Cricket Stadium has a capacity of 35,000 seats is well known as Mahinda Rajapaksa International Stadium.


Other tourist attractions near Weerawila include:

  • Tele-Cinema Village
  • Port of Hambantota


Ideal time to visit Weerawila:

From November to April is the best time to visit Weerawila.


Accommodation Options in Weerawila:

There are few hotels are located in Weerawila and tourist can refer hotels of Hambantota city (20 kms) for top quality hospitality services. The best hotels in and around Weerawila are as follows:

  • Priyankara Hotel
  • Serene Park Hotel
  • The Safari
  • Elephant Reach Hotel
  • Hotel 4 U
  • Chaaya Wild Yala Hotel
  • Taprospa Tissa
  • Peacock Beach Hotel
  • Owin Rose Hotel
  • Hotel Chandrika
  • Wila Safari Hotel
  • Lagoon Inn & Restaurant
  • Bandagiri Village Eco Resort
  • Happy Beach Hotel
  • Hambantota Rest House

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