Places to Visit in Konkan, Maharastra, India

Places to Visit in Konkan, Maharastra, India

The Konkan also identified as the Konkan Coast or Karavali is a craggy segment of the west seaboard of India. Extended from the northern Thane to southern Mangalore, it also elongates to Goa. Prominent for its white sandy coasts, archaic shrines, citadels and other momentous structures, the province is distinguished for presenting gorgeous sight of the sea.

History of Konkan

Konkan coast in its earlier days has been subjugated by many primeval voyagers. It is believed that the Buddhist and afterwards Brahmans decided to construct their sanctuaries in Salsette. During the period when Portuguese entered India their chief attainment was the coast alongside the North Konkan. In the early 17th century many industries were stationed by the French, Dutch and the English. The Konkan hill citadel was made the capital of the Maratha kingdom by its founder. After the decline of Marathas the Konkani Brahmans took control of the land and expanded it.

Tourist Attractions in Konkan

Tondavali Beach                      

The Tondavali Beach is acknowledged as one of the prominent beaches near Malvan, placed next to the Konkan seaboard. The beach is eminent for dolphin surveillance and douche.

Suvarna Ganesh

Suvarna Ganesh (Golden Ganesha) is in Diveagar parish. It is positioned near the shoreline and is concealed by coconut and betel-nut vegetation. Suvarna Ganpati’s deity (Golden Ganesha) was hidden to keep it safe from Arab incursion. It was revealed in the year 1997 and is model to the structural style of Shilahar.


Jaygad Fort

Jaygad is the natural harbor that used to be renowned in erstwhile years, during the era when sea routes were the primary access. Due to the construction of National Highways the port has lost its limelight and has become isolated. One can find a lighthouse placed in the fort that channels the ships to navigate in the night times.

Nawab Palace

Nawab Palace positioned in Murud-Janjira is serene place to visit. Landscape from the citadel that is to be found half km from Murud city is breathtaking. At the bottom of peaks Murud parish is concealed in coconut and betel nut vegetation. The whole lot is remarkable especially the configuration of the citadel is impressive which is due to the remarkable structural planning. You can see unique designs on parapets of the royal antechamber.

Devgad Fort

The Devgad citadel was constructed in the year 1705 by Kanoji Angre. Devgad is a natural waterfront and well defended seaport civic.

When the fortress was constructed it was encircled by streams from all the regions so at the era it was identified as “Janjire Devgad”(Janzira means an island in Arabic). It has been stretched in 120 acres. There is a Ganesh sanctuary in the castle. A lighthouse is positioned in the port headquarters.


Dapoli renowned as “Mini Mahabaleshwar” of Konkan is positioned at an elevation of 800-1000 feet above sea level in a mountain territory. The terrain is sanctified with stirring vegetation. Bounded by knolls and woodlands and having an extensive shoreline. It houses a diversity of wandering birds and animals.

Other places of interest in Konkan

  • Alibag Mandwa Kihim Beach
  • Napne Waterfall
  • Sagareshwar Beach
  • Marleshwar Temple and Waterfall
  • Vetoba Temple
  • Nawab Palace

Best season to visit Konkan

Best time to visit Konkan is during the months of November to February when the temperature is very mild. The climate throughout the year is very humid. Summers are very hot and there is heavy downpour during the monsoon season in Konkan region.

Transportations to Konkan

By Road: One can get numerous public and private buses from nearby major cities. It is well connected by road to Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa states.

By Train: The Konkan railway is the heart line of Konkan region. It connects Maharashtra to Karnataka while passing through Goa.

Accommodation in and around Konkan

One can find plentiful distinguished hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide many conveniences and the tariffs differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and comfortable stay of the visitors. Some high end hotels offers host of world class amenities to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom facilities, laundry facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath, spa, Pub & Bar etc. List of hotels are:


  • Aryawarta
  • Greengate Harihareshwar Resort
  • Happy Day’s Cottage
  • Arya Inn Aryawarta Holiday Village
  • Maitri Beach Resort
  • Sagar Sawli
  • Swapnadeep Beach Resort
  • Sagar Sawali
  • Naad Beach Resort
  • Serene Ravine Resort
  • Kamath Residency Resort
  • Konkan Resort Shrivardhan
  • Mody Villa
  • Saagar Saad Resort
  • Nisarg Resort Guhagar
  • Shree Holiday Homes Resort

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