Honnemaradu – Right Spot for Aliens

HonnemaraduRight Spot for Aliens

Honnemaradu is situated in Shimoga district in Karnataka. It is a little village which rests on the hills dominated by Linganamakki reservoir, also known as Honnemaradu reservoir. Honnemaradu is 337Km far away from Bangalore, 600Km from Pune, 619Km from Hyderabad, 665Km from Chennai and 758Km from Mumbai.

How to Reach There?

By Air: Bangalore international airport is about 380Kms away from Honnemaradu. You can hire a taxi from Bangalore to Hogenakkal.

By Rail: Talguppa is the nearest railway station and is about 12Kms away from it. It is well connected to Shimoga and Bangalore and you can reach Honnemaradu by taxi or three wheeled auto rickshaw. It is about one hour drive from there.

By Bus: It is well connected by KSRTC buses to its neighboring towns. You can also take up deluxe private bus services from Bangalore.

Best Time to visit

The ideal time to visit this amazing place is from August to December.

Major Attractions

Bird Watching: Forest area of this region is a habitation for a vast variety of birds, small animals, reptiles and butterflies. Also you can find lot of medicinal herbs and plants. It is an Eden for a birdwatcher. You can find very uncommon species like European bee-eater, orange headed ground thrush, fairy blue bird, ruby cheeked bulbul and scarlet minuets. One can also get a glimpse of the spectacular blue rock pigeons which resides on the rocks just middle of the misty waterfalls. This place is well known for its glorious beauty of butterflies such as beautiful red Helens, blue bottles, blue Mormons, striped tiger and many more.

Gademane: It is a small village in Malnad region. It is very close to Honnemaradu and is famous for its chitara art. Members of Deeva community inhabit here and are known to beautify the walls of their home. We can say that they are born with nature’s gift of art. This art is at its verge of distinction, so many organizations are coming up to protect their art forms. Also they are trying to cultivate their art form in a way that it can be of some economical gain for the artists.

Rafting and Kayaking: Any one who visits this place should definitely try out the adventure sports. It is a heaven for adventure seekers. You can get into a coracle, a traditional simple round rowing boat made of woven sticks covered with animal skins and enjoy the stirring experience. Also you can try out wind powered surf boat which is really a challenging task and meant only for valorous hearts.

Trekking: Imagine how adventurous it would be travelling through the terrains of uneven forest where you have the maximum probability of catching a glimpse of leopard, snake, Russell’s viper and cobra.

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