Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tifariti, Sahrawi Arab, West Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tifariti, Sahrawi Arab, West Africa, Africa

Tifariti is a town in Western Sahara under the control of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. It is located around 135 km from the Moroccan controlled Western Saharan city Smara, between 26.158° N latitude and 10.567° W longitude at an altitude of 490 meters. Tifariti is a town with all the essential facilities like hospital, shops, school and mosque. There is also a museum in the town showcasing the cultural and historical features of the town and territory.


History of Tifariti:

Before becoming part of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Tifariti had seen the rule of many regional powers and European Empires, including the Spanish. Tifariti was also a noted battle site during the Western Sahara War fought between the Moroccan Army and the Polisario troops.


Connectivity to Tifariti:

The nearest airport to Tifariti is Smara Airport, which is situated in Morocco controlled Smara city, around 200 km from Tifariti. Generally people live in Tifariti use minibuses, rental cars and bikes for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tifariti:

Tifariti is the site of an annual international event “ARTifariti”, which involves the performances of many renowned artists from several countries. The University of Tifariti is the only university and major cultural centre in Tifariti.

There are shops and restaurants limited in Tifariti, of which most are traditional options. So it is advised visitors to bring all the essentials before visiting Tifariti.


Things to do in Tifariti:

  • Visiting school
  • Shopping
  • Walking


Places to see in Tifariti:


Erqueyez Archeologic Park:

The Erqueyez Archeologic Park is one of the best tourist destinations in the territory. It is home to a lithic works factory and around 100 caves with rock paintings and mound graves.


University of Tifariti:

The University of Tifariti is the first Sahrawi university, situated in the town of Tifariti. It was established in 2013 with the aid of many prominent African, American and European universities.


Navarra Hospital:

The Navarra Hospital is one of the important landmarks of Tifariti, was built in the year 1999. The hospital is known for its nice construction with beautifully designed exterior.


Tifariti Museum:

The Tifariti Museum was constructed with an objective of displaying the historic importance and cultural features of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. It is also one of the major landmarks of the town.


Tifariti Mosque:

Tifariti Mosque is a well constructed mosque and one of the identities of Tifariti. Non-Muslim visitors are not allowed inside, but its exterior view can be caught.


List of other places of interest near Tifariti include:

  • El-Aaiun
  • Mosquée Cheikh Maoulainin
  • Tarfaya
  • Guelta Zemmour
  • Zaouia Cheikh Cheikhna Maoulainain
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Dakhla
  • Bir Lehlou
  • Laayoune-Plage
  • Dchira
  • Windfish Pro-Center
  • Massage du Monde
  • Moroccan Berm


Best time to visit Tifariti:

Probably the months between June and September are ideal to visit Tifariti in Western Sahara, when the town generally experiences dry weather and many events take place in the town and its surrounding areas.


Hotels in Tifariti:

Tifariti houses few tourist favor accommodation centres, so visitors are advised to consider hotels of Dakhla or El-Aaiun for accommodation purpose to enjoy better hospitality services. The below list includes hotels in El-Aaiun and Dakhla:

  • Hotel Nagjir Ville
  • Hotel Salwan
  • Camping Sabor del Sahara
  • Hotel Josefina
  • Hotel Residence Lajwad
  • Hotel Parador
  • Le Camp Bedouin
  • Bab al Bahar Hotel et Spa
  • Auberge des Nomades du Sahara
  • Palais Touareg
  • Rio Aguila Aventure
  • Ocean Vagabond
  • Dakhla Evasion
  • Dakhla Spirit Lagoon Camp
  • Lagon Bleu Dakhla

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