Best Tourist Places to Visit in Locarno, Switzerland, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Locarno, Switzerland, Europe

Locarno is situated in southern tip of Switzerland close to the border of Italy and it is the capital city of Locarno district in Ticino canton. Locarno has total area of 19.27 square kilometers (7.44 square miles) at an elevation of 200 meters (656 feet) above the sea level and lies at the foothills of Alps and at the tip of Maggiore Lake.

Locarno is surrounded by Ascona, Avegno, Cadenazzo, Contone, Cuganasco, Gerra, Losone, Magadino, Minusio, Muralto, Orselina, Piazzogna and Tegna and situated at the distance of 275 kilometers from Bern, capital of Switzerland. Coordinates of Locarno are 46.1667° N, 8.8000° E.


History of Locarno:

According to historians, it is believed that Locarno city was inhabited as early as Bronze Age and many artifacts were found in 1934. In 1164, Capitanei families were ruling the Locarno region and the region was renowned market during the Roman rule in the country. Bishop of Milan, started to acquire the region and it was the administrative center of the parish. Numerous castles were constructed during middle ages but few of them were destroyed due to the war but later Locarno developed as one of the main tourism attractions in Switzerland.


Locarno Tourism:

Castello Visconteo:

Castello Visconteo is situated at the distance of 2 kilometers from heart of the city in old town and was constructed in 12th century but the castle was attacked by several rulers and it is the one of the original castles in the city.


Madonna del Sasso:

Madonna del Sasso is placed at the distance of 4 kilometers from center of the city is the main location and visited by pilgrims from all over the world and surrounded by river and woods and provides stunning views of the city.


Interesting things to do in Locarno:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Swimming
  • Boat Ride
  • Fishing


Best time to visit Locarno:

Locarno experiences continental subarctic climate with warm to hot summers from June to September and cold winters from November to February and best time to travel Locarno is from June to September.


How to reach Locarno?

By Air:

Locarno is served by Locarno Airport situated at the distance of 14 kilometers from Locarno and it is domestic and military airport and receives flights from Geneva, Zurich and Bern cities.


By Road:

Locarno is connected through motorway 2 and 13 and buses will operate from neighboring cities and towns to Locarno and local buses and taxis are available to get around the city.


By Train:

Train service to Locarno is provided by Swiss Federal Railway and the city is directly linked with Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Milan and Bellinzona cities and receives trains from Geneva as well.


Hotels in Locarno:

Locarno is one of the popular tourist attractions in Switzerland and the city is visited by number of tourists from around the world. Locarno houses some of the finest hotels that are exclusively designed for travelers and hotel rooms are designed as per the cozy and sumptuous of the sightseers and boats world class hospitality and will range from $ 25 to $ 500 and above per day and one can book the hotels through online services. Some of the prominent hotels in Locarno are as follows:

  • Hotel Belvedere Locarno SA
  • Ramada Hotel La Palma au Lac
  • Esplanade Hotel Resort & Spa
  • Grand Hotel Locarno
  • Hotel Garni Millennium
  • Hotel Garni Muralto
  • Hotel Ibis Locarno
  • Hotel Garni Du Lac
  • Hotel Rio Garni
  • Hotel-Kurhaus Casa Sant’Agnese
  • Hotel Albergo Camelia
  • Hotel Alexandra
  • Hotel Garni Nessi

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