Best Tourist Places in Silent Valley, Kerala, India

Best Tourist Places in Silent Valley, Kerala, India

Silent Valley is in Kerala, India. It appears to be the unscathed section of the tropical perennial forestry that has providentially been conserved unharmed to this day. The silent valley biodiversity is proclaimed as one of the globes thriving ecological site. It has an area extended about 8,952 sq. km of woodland positioned on the Nilgiris highland and is encircled   by Knolls that are ascended to height of above 2000 meters. A natural world landscape with a relatively unremitting successive account over 50 million eons is appreciable in its most favorable measure of flora and fauna. For adventure lovers it is the best spot.

History of Silent valley

The watercourse in this region was the primary site that was searched in the year 1847. In 1914 the woodlands of the silent vale was entitled as preserved forestry. From 1927 to 1976 few sections of the vale was used for conducting tests. In 1928-29 Sairandhri on Kunthipuzha was administered fit for the power generation. In the year 1970 Kerala State Electricity Board put forward a hydro electric power project. Until 1981 it was under the dispute of the Power project. In the year 1983 the project was called off and finally in the year 1985 it was officially declared as Silent Valley National Park.

Tourist Attractions of Silent Vale

Silent Valley National Park   

Silent Valley National Park is the most prominent parks in Kerala. It is positioned contiguous to the Western Ghats. It is an abode to diverse faunas that includes 34 genuses of animals and around 500 genuses of insects. It houses more than 1600 genuses of floras that include perennials and mosaic grasslands. It inhibits 1000 genus of fruit baring plants amongst which 110 genuses are from the genus Orchids. The biggest magnetism in the silent vale is the lion tailed macaque, the other interesting genuses are stripe necked mongoose, panther, Nilgiri langur, mouse deer, gaur and fishing cat. The gorgeous river Kunthi that streams from an elevation of 200 feet from the Nilgiri highland flows through the park and is abode to 13 genuses of fishes. Trekking is also available but one must get assent of the forest administration.

It is stated that the vale was under the dispute of the power project for a decade but due to the resistance of the conservationists it was saved and officially acknowledged as Silent Valley National Park.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary   

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is positioned amongst the Nelliyampathy and Anaimalai terrains.  It is an abode for 1432 genuses of Plant vegetation and 1049 genus of insects, 61 genuses of reptiles, 124 genuses of flutter by’s, 268 genuses of birds, 47 genuses of marine life and 16 genuses of amphibians.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is inhibited by numerous genuses of peacocks and is the most well-liked sanctuary in Kerala. It also hosts several diverse genuses of birds.

Attapadi or Mountain Valley

Attapadi or Mountain Valley is creatively placed on the sections of the Western Ghats. Attapadi is one of the few seats that serve you with its luxurious natural splendor. Attapadi also inhibits diverse tribal populaces.

Best season to visit Silent Vale

The best time to visit Silent Valley is during the months of September to March. The summers are hot and placid. During the monsoon season the rainfall serves more splendors to the green woodlands. The climate during the winter season is very pleasant and the best time for tourists to trip Silent Valley.

Accessibility to Silent Valley

By Road: Silent Vale has well linked road network that connects it directly to Mannarkkad and one can get regular buses from Mannarkkad. Public and private transportations provide numerous buses to this place.

By Train: The nearest railheads accessible to Silent Valley are Coimbatore 63 km and Palakkad 100 km from the vale. It links the vale to both the northern and southern parts of the country. One can hire a taxi from station or get into a local transport to reach the destination.

By Air: The nearest aerodrome to Silent Valley is at Coimbatore 65 km from the vale. One can hire a cab from airport or get into a local transport to reach the destination.

Accommodations in Silent valley

List of hotels in and near Silent Valley are as follows:

  • Destiny The Farm Stay
  • Red Hill Nature Resort
  • Red Hills Resort
  • Emerald Valley Estate
  • Hotel Chilly’s
  • Hotel Silent Valley
  • Hotel Lakeview
  • Flower Spring Retreats & Resort
  • Hotel Darshan
  • Fortune Resort Sullivan Court
  • Taj Savoy
  • Glyngarth Villa Resort
  • Sagar Holiday Resorts
  • Aramana Hotel
  • Hotel Silver Oak
  • Holiday Inn Gem Park

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