Benaulim Beach, Goa, India

Benaulim Beach, Goa, India

This Beach is one of the premium beaches of Goa. It is 40 kms away from the capital, called the Panaji. Benaulim beach is admired for fishing, and therefore it gets overloaded at the weekends, more than the tourists in this place the fishermen turn up for their catch. In addition to the above tourists from the adjacent Colva beach too join the crowd of this place. This beach is in high spirits and if you need a complete fun-filled holiday, then move to the Benaulim beach.

This beach is mainly considered as one of the comforting areas of North Goa. And the difficulties that the tourists face in this beach is mainly the accommodation, and this at present is hardly a difficulty as Benaulim is soon turning to be a major tourist destination, and is serving as home to a number of hotels and resorts. Hotel Failaka, Carina Beach Resort, the Taj Exotica are some among them. You are offered with everything from the genuine Goan food to the continental charged food in these luxury hotels. They will also offer you with the transport facility if you require them. You can also enjoy the exotic spa treatments and good body massages. And the cost of this is really inexpensive. Even those who are on fewer budgets without any difficulty can afford them. You have the chance to choose from the holiday packages that they provide, and you will be assured with everything you wish.

There is something else special in Benaulim- something that you might not find anywhere else in Goa. It is nothing but the Bullfighting. This is an ancient sport in this region and weekly events are being organized for better fun. They are usually held far away from the paddy fields, which is unfenced and therefore considered to be highly dangerous. It is found in the months of October to March usually starts at 16th hour of the day and the tourists are thrilled with this sport. The other sports that you can look into are water surfing and seafaring. Margao market is the closest and adjoining it are many small hotels that serve you the local Goan recipes of fish and prawns made from the freshest. The accepted hotels among these is the Hawaii Shack, which gives you the best seafood and the Palm Grove’s Congenial Garden Restaurant, for its yummy Goan tableware.

One cannot neglect the Beach Bonanza Fair of Benaulim that is held on all Sunday, from the month of April. It is nearly like a weekly festival, including with the songs and dances and the food. A walk down the beach under the dark sky, along with the sea wind blowing at the end of the day will remove all your day’s tiredness. The attractiveness of this place uniting the youthful happiness makes this Beach a perfect target for a happy holiday.

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