Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Virac, Philippines, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Virac, Philippines, Asia

Virac is the capital city of Catanduanes province in Philippines, covers total area of 152.40 Sq Kms is located on the Pacific Ocean and Virac is a hilly region. Virac has natural resources and populace of the region depend on fishing, agriculture and cash crops for their livelihood.

Virac is surrounded by San Andres, San Miguel, Bato, Baras and Gigmoto is situated at the distance of 530 Kms from Manila, capital of Philippines and coordinates of Virac are 13.5790° N, 124.2310° E.


History of Virac:

Virac was inhabited since 13th century by Spanish who made Virac as the capital of Catanduanes Island and in the year 1573 Spanish Conquistadores Juan de Salcedo bought the Spanish army to the island to punish pirates and later he returned to the island to establish Catholic faith.

Americans tried to occupy Philippines but were defeated by Philippines Army, later they slowly occupied the island and ruled until the year 1934.


Places to visit in Virac:

Virac is surrounded by hilly regions and there are few historical monuments, caves, beaches, temples and natural resources in the city which is visited by number of tourists. Tourists can take pleasure along the beach which has trees and resorts along the beach. Some of the places to visit in Virac are listed below:


Vargas Cave:

Vargas cave is situated few Kms from the city and the thin cave which has challenging entry point and surrounded by thick vegetations.


Buyo Cave:

Buyo Cave is surrounded by small hills is visited by number of local tourists.


Virac Cathedral:

Virac cathedral is one of the oldest and ancient cathedral in the island visited by number of devotees throughout the year and was constructed during the Spanish rule.


Twin Rocks:

These rocks are situated in near the beach bounded by rich and colorful marine life and famed for the coral reefs.


Balete Beach:

One of the renowned beaches in the island and this beach is bounded by white sand is visited by few tourists and charm of the beach is unspoiled and best suited for swimming and diving.

Other tourists Places in Virac:

  • Amenia Beach
  • Kosta Alcantara
  • Solong Falls
  • Maribina Falls
  • Mamangal Beach
  • Toytoy Beach
  • Luyang Cave
  • Batong Paluay


Best Time to Visit Virac:

Virac has typhoons and winter season and best time to visit Virac is between the months of November of April.


How to Reach Virac?

By Air:

Virac is served by Virac Airport and this airport is accessible with direct flights to Manila daily and airport is situated less than km from the middle of the city.


By Sea:

Virac is served by port of the Virac and it is situated at the distance of 2 Kms from the city and this port connects the neighboring islands.


By Road:

Virac is bounded by hilly region and tourists can get around the city by local vehicles like jeepney, motorcycle, taxi, tricycles and bicycles.


Where to Stay in Virac?

Virac is hilly region and it is developing city and there are only few hotels in the city which offers good facilities to visitors and cost from $ 20 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the hotels in Virac are listed below:

  • Tugawe Cove Resort
  • CMC Villa Caramoan
  • Orinda Caramoan
  • RiverView Vacation Inn
  • Breeze and Waves Cottages
  • Ericsson Beach Hotel
  • Herrmann Hotel and Beach Resort
  • Rakdell Inn
  • Rhaj Inn
  • Catanduanes Midtown Inn
  • Marem Pension House
  • Bosdak Beach Resort

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