Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sirohi, Rajasthan, India

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sirohi, Rajasthan, India

Sirohi is a district in Rajasthan, India. It is the most outstanding traveler’s magnetism in Rajasthan. The chief landmark of the district is Mount Abu a solitary knoll post in Rajasthan. It is the abode to the most historical solitary sandstone shrines of Rajasthan, Mirpur shrine. The other major attraction in Rajasthan is the Sirohi citadel that is positioned on the east inclination of the Siranwa Knolls. Sirohi Tirth Dham, Markundeshwar Mahadev sanctuary and Abu Nakki Lake are the other tourists’ places of interest.

History of Sirohi

The history of Sirohi dates back to early 14th century approximately in the year 1405 the parish of Shivpuri was established by Rao Sobha Ji. Initially the town was recognized by the name Khuba. In the year 1452 Sehastramal son of Rao Sobha ji recognized the city of Sirohi and laid the ground work of citadel Sirohi. After the construction of the citadel it was titled as his capital.  In the year 1950 after the independence with the assent of the king it came under the union of India.


Tourist Attractions of Sirohi


Ajari is a parish positioned just about 5 km from Pindwara and is enveloped by hummocks. A tiny water stream gushes in the vicinity of the parish which is renowned for the honey comb on the close by date trees. The parish is famous for a shrines devoted to Lord Mahadev and divinity Saraswati. The shrine is bounded by towering fortifications. This shrine is considered as the site where Rishi Markandeswar reflected. The Gaya Kund which is positioned in the vicinity of this shrine is a pool where populaces submerge the remnants of their departed.


Vasant Garh                     

Vasant Garh which is positioned on the basin of river Saraswati is also recognized as Vatasthana or Vetaleara. One can find plenty of banyan trees in this region and hence it is also branded as Vata.



Varman constructed in the 7th century is a small parish branded as Brahmana. Vestiges of old shrines, inhabited edifices and underground water source are sited here. Brahmana-Svamin popularly known as the Sun sanctuary was also constructed in the period of 7th century. The shrine has a memorial, portico, sabhamandapa and pradakshina. This site is also eminent for the foundation of Brahmanaka the gachcha of Jains.


Mirpur Temple                     

Mirpur shrine was constructed in the 9th century AD under the sovereignty of the Rajputs. It is believed that the antique construction is primed of marble in Rajasthan. The structural design of this shrine mirrors the Ranakpur and Delwara sanctuaries.  It is committed to the Lord Parshvanath the 23th Jain Tirthankara. The shrine was damaged by Mahmood Begda in the 13th century and was recreated in the 15th century.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is regarded as the solitary knoll post of Rajasthan. It is positioned in the Sirohi District. It has an elevation of 1,220 meters above sea level. The knoll post is celebrated for the St. Lawrence Church that was constructed in the year 1846. It is considered as the foremost cathedral in the whole Mount Abu section.

Another magnetism of this knoll post is the Government Museum that was built in the year 1962. This museum was constructed to safeguard the geological treasure of the Sirohi District. There are different divisions in the museum that showcases assorted relics such as minuscule canvases, embellishments, armaments and melodic apparatus. Figurines of Nartakis and Devdasis that were constructed amidst 6th and 12th centuries are also on the exhibit in this museum.

Places of interest in and around Sirohi

  • Jirawal Temple
  • Shri Zadoli Teerth
  • Ambeshwar Ji Temple
  • Dhanari
  • Sarswati Temple
  • Vatera Teerth
  • Mahadeo Temple
  • Jhadoli
  • Karodidhwaj Temple
  • Bheru Tarak Dham

Best season to visit Sirohi

The best time to visit Sirohi is during the months of October to March. The summers are very hot with humidity. There is heavy downpour during the monsoon season. The winter experiences pleasant weather and is the best time for tourists to visit Sirohi.


Accessibility to Sirohi

By Road: Public and private transportations provide numerous buses to Sirohi. One can also get direct busses from the major cities in and around Rajasthan.

By Train:  Sirohi has nine railheads that connect the city to major stations in and around Rajasthan. One can hire a taxi from station or get into a local transport to reach Sirohi.

By Air:  The nearest aerodrome is at Udaipur 105 km from the city. It gets regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. One can hire a cab from airport or get into a local transport to reach the destination.

Accommodation in Sirohi

The city has some wonderful hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels present many facilities and the charges change from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and peaceful stay of the visitors. Some high end hotels offers host of world class amenities to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom facilities, laundry facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath, spa, Pub & Bar etc. List of hotels in Sirohi are as follows:

  • Palace Hotel
  • Baba Ramdev Restaurant
  • Kalptaru Palace Hotel
  • Mount Abu Hotel
  • Hillock
  • Hilltone
  • Hotel Banjara
  • Saraswati
  • Cama Rajputana Club Resort
  • Hotel Baba Ramdev
  • Hanuman Hotel
  • Chacha Inn
  • Hotel Shikhar
  • Hotel Silver Oak
  • Hotel Blue Valley

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