Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Shrivardhan, Maharashtra, India

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Shrivardhan, Maharashtra, India

Shrivardhan is a metropolis in Maharashtra, India. Shrivardhan has numerous shorelines and offers an impression of an isthmus. The region has other stunning coastlines in the vicinity such as Kondivali Beach and Diveagar Beach and houses numerous beaches that has been uncharted even by the most passionate sightseer. They have an aberrant charm that has enticed throngs of people from all over the country.


History of Shrivardhan


Shrivardhan is one of the most ancient parishes in Maharashtra. It was an abode to Peshwas. The place has been a spectator to the upsurge and collapse of Maratha Empire. Shrivardhan region has been under the control of Peshawar for more than a decade. In the year 1988 a statuette of Balaji Vishwanath was constructed as his commemoration.


Holiday Attractions in Shrivardhan




Harihareshwar civic is positioned adjoining the city of Shrivardhan. The province was once reined by the Peshwas. The place is renowned for its Shrines and shorelines. The other landmark is the Ganesh Gully titled after Lord Ganesh.


It is alleged that a figurine of Lord Ganesh is submerged underneath the watercourse in depth of the gully.  The other prominent magnetism in this region is the Kalbhairav shrine devoted to Lord Shiva.




Diveagar is just about 19 km from the civic of Shrivardhan. The place is prevalent for its seaside and Suvarna Ganesha Sanctuary that is committed to Lord Ganesha.


The shrine has a statuette of Lord Ganesha that is supposed to be about 1000 eras old. It is believed that the statuette was revealed as submerged in a coffer filled with diamonds. The figurine is produced of pure gold and weighs up to 12 kg. The Diveagar Coast is also patronized by vacationers and is recognized for its fresh and attractive environs.


Harihareshwar Beach                     


The Harihareshwar Coast is sited at Harihareshwar hamlet in the vicinity of Shrivardhan. The Harihar Knoll is positioned in propinquity to the coast that is celebrated for cruising and other activities.


Peshwa Memorial                     


The Peshwa Memorial is a commemorative constructed in respect for the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. It illustrates the rich ethnicity and livelihood of the Peahwas.


Bagmandala Village                     



The Bagmandala hamlet is positioned nearby Shrivardhan and is archaeologically associated with the Peshwa Reign. The parish used to be the abode of the Peshwas. The Bankot Citadel and the Peshwa Smarak are extensive sightseer’s magnetisms.


The Jungle Jetty is regarded as the chief landmark of the Shrivardhan region, which is a marine waterfront in the woodlands. Tourists can travel to the Bagmandala cove via this marine waterfront. Ferry trips are accessible from the Bankot Citadel that takes tourists to the neighboring Ratnagiri Castle.


Places of interest in and around Shrivardhan


  • Kondivli beach
  • Bankot Fort
  • Ganesh Gully
  • Shankar Temple
  • Kushmeshwar


Best season to visit Shrivardhan


The best season to visit Shrivardhan is during the months of October to March. The summer climate is very hot with humidity. The monsoon season gets heavy downpour. During the winter season the climate is pleasant and is the best time for tourists to visit Shrivardhan.


Accessibility to Shrivardhan


By Air:  The nearest aerodrome to Shrivardhan is Chatrapati Shivaji International airport at Mumbai located at a distance of 180 km from the city. It connects the Shrivardhan city to both the northern and southern parts of the country. One can hire a cab from airport or get into a local transport to reach Shrivardhan.

By Train:  The nearest railhead to Shrivardhan is at Mangaon just about 40 km from the city. It is directly connected to Mumbai and Pune. One can hire a cab from station or get into a local transport to reach Shrivardhan.

By Road:  Shrivardhan is well liked by the road network to all major towns in and around Maharashtra. Public and private transportations provide numerous buses to the city. The distance from some of the major cities to Shrivardhan is as follows

  • Mumbai 180 km
  • Panavel120 km
  • Harihareshwar 15 km
  • Pune 163 km

Accommodations in Shrivardhan


Shrivardhan has some fine hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide many conveniences and the fares differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and relaxed stay of the tourists. Some high end hotels in Shrivardhan offers host of world class services to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom conveniences, laundry services, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sauna and steam bath, spa, Pub & Bar etc. List of hotels in Shrivardhan are as follows:

  • Subhan Beach Resort
  • Shivshrushti Resort
  • Shivshanti Holiday Inn
  • Shree Holiday Homes Resort
  • Shrivardhan Resort
  • Niwara Resort
  • Harihareshwar Beach Resort
  • Exotica the Beach Resort
  • Shree Holiday inn Resort
  • Beach Resort Omshree
  • Hotel Saiba
  • Hotel Gurugeeta
  • Alankar Nivas
  • Shree Ganesh Beach Resort
  • Hotel Pinakin
  • Harmony Cottage
  • Shri Sadguru Kripa

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