Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ranong, Thailand, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ranong, Thailand, Asia

Ranong is a province in Thailand situated on the west coast of Thailand, along the Andaman Sea. Ranong was ruled by Khaw family and there are various historical sites in Ranong. Ranong covers an area of 3,298 Sq Kms and economy of Ranong province depends on tourism, farming and fishing.

Ranong is surrounded by Sawi, Thung Tako, Phato, Lang Suan, Lamae, Tha Chana, Khura Buri, Ban Ta Khun, Takua Pa and Chaiya and it is located at the distance of 575 Kms from Bangkok, capital of Thailand and coordinates of Ranong are 9.9669° N, 98.6356° E.


Tourism in Ranong:

Ranong is rainy region and there are number of natural sites to visit in Ranong and visited by thousands of tourists around the world. Tourists can take pleasure in several hot springs, waterfalls, beaches, shrines, caves and breathtaking mountains. Mountains in the province provide the stunning view of the surrounding and it is enclosed with forest and various flora and fauna.


Places to visit in Ranong:

Rattanarangsarn Palace:

This palace was constructed in the year 1890 by Kor Sim Kong during the visit of King Rama and it is one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

Raksawarin Hot Springs:

There are three natural hot springs close to each other this hot spring is famed since King Rama V and contains the minerals which can cure various skin diseases.

Wat Suwan Khiri:

This temple is one of the ancient temples nearly 700 years old and was constructed by Burmese and one of the sacred temples in the city.

Namtok Ngao National Park:

Once it was the forest region bounded by various natural resources and in the year 1999 government of Thailand declared this region as the national park and it covers total area of 668 Sq Kms.

Hat Laem Son:

Hat Laem Son is one of the famed beaches in the province and it is nearly 4 Kms long and bounded by natural beauties.


Other Places to visit in Ranong:

  • Khao Fa Chi
  • Ko Kam Nui
  • Japanese Shipwreck
  • Ko Khangkhao
  • Hat Bang Ben
  • Laem Son National Park
  • Khlong Nakha Wildlife Reserve
  • Namtok Bok Krai


Things to do in Ranong:

  • Fishing and Diving at Mu Ko Kam
  • Elephant Riding
  • Cultural Exchange and Homestay
  • Ranong and Andaman Fair
  • Boat Procession and Races


Best Time to Visit Ranong:

Ranong is a located along the coast it is hot and humid during the summer and best time to visit Ranong is between the months of November to March.


How to Reach Ranong?

By Air:

Ranong is served by Ranong Airport, located at the distance of 25 Kms from center of the province and this airport operates domestic flight to Bangkok and from airport tourists can hire taxi or can board bus to reach any destination in Ranong province.

By Sea:

Ranong is served by Ranong port, which is connected to various ports in Thailand and to the neighboring country Myanmar.

By Road:

There are number of national highway passing through the province and several buses ply from several cities and towns to Ranong province and other common local transportations are taxi, shared taxi, car, tuk-tuk, motorcycle and minivan.

Where to Stay in Ranong? 

Ranong is situated along the coast of Andaman Sea and it is historical province and plenty of hotels are situated along the Ranong province which cost from $ 10 to $ 100 and above per night and provides all the facilities to customers. Some of the famed hotels in Ranong are listed below:

  • Jansom Hot Spa Ranong
  • China Guest House
  • Apres Ski Hotspring Guesthouse
  • The B Ranong Trend Hotel
  • C. Badin Resort
  • PP Land Beach Eco Resort
  • Payam Cottage Resort
  • Numsai Khaosuay Resort
  • Ranong Resort & Laguna
  • Thansila Hotspring Resort

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