Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Koh Ker, Cambodia, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Koh Ker, Cambodia, Asia

Koh Ker is one of the major tourist attractions in Cambodia located in Angkor town at the distance of 77.5 miles from Siem Reap, it was constructed by Jayavarman IV and served as the capital of Khem Empire from 928 to 942 AD. Koh Ker is visited by few tourists as it is located in the remote place and there are no accommodation facilities in surrounding and it is bound by few villages. Koh Ker is home for more than 80 temples. Koh Ker is surrounded by Kulen, Tbaeng Meanchery, and Pou and Koh Ker is located at the distance of 77.4 miles from Siem Reap and 222 miles from capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Zip code of Koh Ker is 17553 and coordinates are 13.783° N 104.533° E.

History of Koh Ker:

Koh Ker was established by Jayavarman IV, who ruled this region from 928 to 942 AD, during this era he constructed various temples and from 942 to 944 Harshvarman II, second son of Jayavarman IV ruled this region. In 19th century, French researchers Lunet de Lajonquière and Etienne Aymonier approached to Koh Ker and discovered various temples.

Places to visit in Koh Ker:

Prasat Krahom: it is one of the major monuments in Koh Ker and was named after the red colored bricks and there are various carvings on the windows and doors and tourists can also come across Nandin statue in Prasat Krahom, one of the popular tourists attraction.

Prasat Thneng and Prasat Leung: these are major Hindu temples located in Cambodia, Prasat Thneng is one of the four temples in Cambodia which consist of largest Shiva Lingas and Prasat Leung is situated less than km distance from Prasat Thneng and it also consist of Shiva Lingas.

Prasat Thom: this Thom is constructed in the pyramid shape, 40 meters in height and 55 meters wide and it is a seven storied pyramid and this Thom consists of 40 writings.

Rahal: Rahal is a reservoir and visited by number of tourists and this reservoir provides water for irrigation to the surrounding areas. It is 1185 meters in height and 548 meters wide.

Things to do in Koh Ker:

Tourist can explore various temples and monuments in Koh Ker and it is bounded by forest region and it will more exciting for the tourist to explore the in and around the areas. For eating there are few shops at the entrance of Thom, where tourists can get hot noodles and snacks.

Best time to visit Koh Ker:

Koh Ker is located close to the forest region and best time to visit Koh Ker is between the months of November to March.

How to Reach Koh Ker?

By Air: Siem Reap International Airport, Siem Reap, is located at the distance of 83.5 miles (134 Kms) from Koh Ker and it is the nearest airport to this region and tourists can hire various vehicles to reach nearby hotels.

By Road: Koh Ker is a remote place and there is no proper accommodation facility in this region but tourists can hire or rent vehicles from the hotel to Koh Ker region and it is well connected through roads. Motor cycle is the best way to reach Koh Ker.

Hotels in Koh Ker:

Koh Ker is located in the remote place and it is surrounded by few villages. Accommodation facilities are available at the distance of 125 Kms from Koh Ker and hotels in this region may cost from Rs. 1,500 and above and it is the best option to book a hotel in Siem Reap and then visit Koh Ker. Some of the major hotels in Siem Reap are listed here below:

  • Angkor Era Hotel
  • Dara Reang Sei Angkor
  • Smiling Hotel and Spa
  • Bunwin Boutique Hotel
  • Starry Angkor Hotel
  • Golden Orange Hotel
  • Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor
  • TheSinhTourist Siemreap
  • Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Shining Angkor Hotel
  • La Noria Hotel And Restaurant

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