Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary, Europe

Hajduszoboszlo is a town belonging to the county of Hajdú-Bihar in Hungary. It is the 3rd largest town in the county, situated about 20 km southwest of the county capital, Debrecen and 240 km east of the national capital, Budapest.


Geography of Hajduszoboszlo:

Hajduszoboszlo is positioned in the northeastern portion of the Great Hungarian Plain at 47°26′37.1″N 21°23′22.28″E with an average altitude of 100 meters, sprawling over an area of 238.7 sq. km.


History of Hajduszoboszlo:

The major groups inhabited Hajduszoboszlo in the past include Gepids, Goths, Avars, Huns and Vandals. Hajduszoboszlo geared up towards development with the discovery of thermal springs and the gas field in the beginning of the 20th century.


Connectivity to Hajduszoboszlo:

Due to its proximity with the second largest city of Hungary, Debrecen, Hajduszoboszlo has got good connectivity with all around the country by both railway and roadway.

Hajduszoboszlo is served by Debrecen International Airport which is located about 25 km away from the heart of Hajduszoboszlo with scheduled flights to London and Eindhoven, and seasonal flights to Antalya, Erfurt, Dresden, Monastir, Hurghada, Leipzig and Burgas.

Hajduszoboszlo is situated about 250 km away from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport which has flights to all around Europe.

Hajduszoboszlo houses many travel agencies offering car and bikes for rent on day or hour basis. Advance booking is offered.


Food and Shopping in Hajduszoboszlo:

Hajduszoboszlo is pleasant town housing plenty of both modern and traditional shops with authentic products and most of the major shops in Hajduszoboszlo accept credit cards.

Here are the reputed food corners in Hajduszoboszlo:

  • Szilfa Etterem
  • Halasz Restaurant
  • Kemences Csarda
  • Karikas Panzio es Etterem

What to do in Hajduszoboszlo?

  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Beach volleyball
  • Paddle boating


What to see in Hajduszoboszlo?


Aqua Park:

Aqua Park in Hajduszoboszlo is great site for whole family, located at St. Stephen’s Park 1-3. It features a hydro-slide, mad river, water slide, kamikaze and much more to make tourists happier. It is open for tourists from June to late autumn.


The Hajduszoboaszlo Spa Resort:

The Hajduszoboaszlo Spa Resort offers swimming, boating, paddle boating, beach volleyball and other different recreation and entertainment activities between May and late autumn. The spa covers an area of 30 hectares with 13 pools. Advance booking is preferred.


Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum:

The Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum is located on Peterfia u. 28 in Debrecen in the vicinity of Debrecen Plaza. This museum showcases the great works of many renowned Hungarian artists and describes their life as well.


List of other places of interest in Hajduszoboszlo include:

  • Bell House
  • Fort Wall
  • County House
  • Aqua Palace
  • The Great Church
  • Déri Museum
  • Delizsánsz Kiállítóterem
  • Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum
  • Csokonai Theatre
  • László Holló Memorial Museum
  • Kölcsey Központ
  • Aquaticum in Debrecen
  • Kossuth Lajos University
  • DVSC Stadium
  • Debreceni Irodalmi Múzeum


Ideal time to visit Hajduszoboszlo:

Hajduszoboszlo can be visited throughout the year, especially the summer months are ideal to trip Hajduszoboszlo.


Where to stay in Hajduszoboszlo?

Hajduszoboszlo is renowned for its aqua parks and historical sites as well as hospitality industry with dozens of international standard accommodation centers with different tourist favor facilities and services. Advance booking will be better to get hotels as per the requirement of tourists. The prominent hotels in Hajduszoboszlo are as follows:

  • Hunguest Hotel Beke
  • Hotel Atlantis
  • Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol
  • Hotel Aurum
  • Hungarospa Thermal Hotel
  • Hotel Delibab
  • Hotel Napsugar
  • Hotel Matyas Kiraly
  • Hotel Nora
  • Hunguest Hotel Hoforras
  • Thermal Hotel Victoria
  • Hotel Rudolf
  • Family Clubhotel
  • Baratsag Spa- and Wellness Hotel
  • Hotel Aurum Family

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