Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Corozal, Belize, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Corozal, Belize, America

Corozal is a district in the Belize country situated at the northern most part of the Belize and the capital of the Coroza district is Corozal Town. Corozal district consists of numerous villages and politically divided into four divisions and economy of the Corozal depends on sugar industry, agriculture, tourism and export business. Corozal town is situated at the distance of 154 kilometers from the capital of Belize, Belmopan and the coordinates 18.3978° N, 88.3884° W.


People, Food and Shopping in Corozal:

Most of the people in Corozal speak Spanish, followed by English and follow Mestizos culture. There are several restaurants and food joints in the district which offers some of the Mexican and Belizean cuisines at affordable cost. There are wide selections of shops and tourists can buy the local products in the shops.


Places to Visit in Corozal:

Town Hall:

Town Hall is situated in the Corozal town and a colorful and graphic wall painting designed by the Belizean-Mexican artists and wall painting depicts episodes from the Corozal history to the Castes war.


Santa Rita:

Santa Rita is located in the Corozal town and it is ruin situated between the Rio Hondo and New Rivers and tourists can view the ruins of the an ancient Maya coastal town and worth visiting the site.


Fort Barlee:

Fort Barlee is sited at the center of the town and fort was constructed during the Caste War refugee for the defense from the attack by hostile Maya and tourists can view the ruins and this fort is visited by thousands of the tourists throughout the year.


Corozal Museum:

Corozal Museum is situated in the Northern Highway in Corozal Town and displays the history of the East Indian Population, who settled in the year 1838, as a servants working on the sugar plantations.


Old Market & Customs House:

Old Market & Customs House was constructed in the year 1886 the old Spanish Colonial building was the bustling market and customs house and at presents this building is home for cultural center and a museum.


Things to do in Corozal:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Kite Surfing
  • Beaches
  • Visit Historical Places


Best time to Visit Corozal:

Corozal has tropical monsoon type of climate and weather remains hot and humid throughout the year and most of the months in the year it will rain and rainy season starts from May and continues till January and dry season from February to April.


How to Reach Corozal?

Corozal district is served by Corozal Airport, located in Corozal town and caters with domestic flights to San Pedro and International Airport is located at the distance of 100 kilometers from Corozal.

Corozal is well connected by roadways and there are plenty of buses plying from various parts of Belize country to Corozal frequently and tourists can also avail the bus from Chetumal in Mexico to reach Corozal and road transportations are inexpensive and other mode of transportation accessible in the district are taxi, bike and car.


Where to Stay in Corozal?

Corozal hosts some famous hotels, resorts and Inns. One can find lots of budget and deluxe hotels in this city. The hotel rooms are planned as per the comfort of the tourists.  The hotels are arid with natural lightening and beautiful ethnical decoration in each and every hall. Conveniences of the guest rooms comprise of elegant eiderdown, LCD flat-screen TVs, coffee/tea, mini-bar, refrigerator, walk-in closet, lavatory, room service and more. All the requirements are met with affordable budget and cost from $20 to $100 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Corozal are listed here below:

  • Holiday Inn Chetumal-Puerta Maya
  • Hotel Laguna Bacalar
  • Hotel Marlon Heroes
  • Princess Hotel & Casino
  • Hotel Real Azteca
  • Hotel Juliette
  • Hotel Villas Bambu
  • Hotel Casa Blanca
  • City Express Chetumal
  • Hacienda Bahia Chetumal
  • Hotel Milenio
  • Hotel Platas

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