Beautiful Tourist Places in Dungarpur, Rajasthan, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Dungarpur, Rajasthan, India

Dungarpur is a city and the district headquarters of Dungarpur district in Rajasthan State. It is placed between 23.83° N latitude and 73.72° E longitude and is located about 503 km southwest of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Rawal Veer Singh was the founder of Durgapur and the Postal Code of Dungarpur begins from 314001.

Dungarpur district is spread over an area of 3,770 km² and is bound by Dahod District of Gujarat to the south, Pratapgarh District towards the east, Sabar Kantha District of Gujarat on the west, Udaipur district towards north, Banswara District in the southeast and Panch Mahals District of Gujarat to the southwest. Durgapur generally has a dry climate and Hindi is the official language of Dungarpur District.


Landmarks in Durgapur:-

  • Shri Adinatha Jain Swetamber Temple
  • Udai Bilas Palace


History of Dungarpur?

It is believed that, Rawal Veer Singh was the founder of Dungarpur. Dungarpur Town passed successively through the hands of Mughal, Maratha and into the power of the British Raj in 1818. Maharawal Shri Lakshman Singh Bahadur was the last princely ruler of Dungarpur.


Food, Culture and Shopping of Dungarpur:-

The cuisine of Dungarpur is primarily vegetarian and offers a tremendous range of delectable dishware. The flavor content is pretty high in comparison to other region dishes, but the food is extremely mouthwatering. Bail-Gatte, Chaavadi and Dal-Bati are popular Dungarpur dishes.

Dungarpur has artistic and cultural traditions which replicate the ancient Indian way of life. Vagad festival, Amit Egyaras and Baneshwar fair are the major festivals celebrated in Dungarpur.

Dungarpur is really a consumer’s heaven that has been able to protect its cultural and conventional art & skill forms. Almost everything is available in Dungarpur, right from handicraft to dress to footwear.


How to reach Dungarpur?

Durgapur is served by Ahmedabad Airport Gujarat located about 165 kms from the midpoint of the city. One can board buses of Jaipur City at Rajasthan Roadways Bus Stand of Dungarpur and also can board buses from Oda Bus Stand located at a distance of 15 km from Dungarpur City. Dungarpur City Railway Station is situated 15 km away from Dungarpur City. Other than buses, Jeeps and Vans are the best options to reach airport and railway station.


Tourist places in Durgapur:-

Udai Bilas Palace:-

Udai Bilas Palace was the majestic residence of a great lover of art and architecture Maharawal Udai Singh II. It is an example of Rajput structural design, with intricately planned balconies, pillars and panels, arches and bracketed windows. It is located on the banks of Gaibsagar Lake and was constructed during the period of 19th century.


Juna Mahal:-

Juna Mahal is a 7 storied building roughly looks likes a fort and it was constructed during in the 13th century A.D. The inner sides of the palace is beautifully designed with glass and mirror work, frescoes and tiny pictures.



Galiakot is a village placed on the banks of Mahi River and situated about 57 km southeast of Dungarpur City. It served as the capital for Parmars and Dungapur State and received the name from Bhil Ruler. The village is highly famous for the memorial of Syed Fakhruddin and is visited by pilgrims of the Dawoodi Bohara yearly during the annual fair, held on the 27th day of Muhharram.


Deo Somnath:-

Deo Somnath is the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva placed about 24 km northeast of Durgapur City. It is believed that, the temple was constructed during the period of 12th century by Vikram Samwat. Deo Somnath is positioned on the banks of Som River constructed with white stone.


Other tourist attractions in and around Dungarpur include:-

  • Nagfanji
  • Bhuvaneshwar Temple
  • Surpur Temple
  • District Library
  • Shrinathji Shrine
  • Rokadia Ganesh Temple
  • Sarneshwar Mandir Temple
  • Beneshwar Dham
  • Gaib Sagar Lake
  • State Archaeological Museum


Best time to visit Dungarpur:-

The best time to enjoy Dungarpur trip is during the months of October and November.


Accomodation options in Dungarpur:-

The prominent hotels, resorts and home stays situated in and around Dungarpur is as follows:

  • Pratibha Palace Hotel
  • Udai Bilas Palace Hotel
  • Peerless Sarovar Hotel
  • Ramniwas Hotel
  • Adarsh Guest House
  • Ratanpur Motel
  • The Jhadol Safari Resort
  • Gokul Palace Hotel
  • Jagat Retreat
  • Aaram Baagh Udaipur
  • Pahuna Haveli
  • The Udai Baug
  • The Park City Udaipur
  • Hotel Umaid Villa
  • Jain Bandhu Sneh Resorts

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