Beautiful Tourist Places in Deogarh, Odisha, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Deogarh, Odisha, India

Deogarh also known as Debagarh is a city and the administrative headquarter of Deogarh District in the Indian state of Odisha. It is located about 255 kms northwest of state capital Bhubaneshwar and about 231 km northwest of Cuttack city. Deogarh District covers an area of 2,781.66 sq. km. and positioned at 21.53° N latitude and 84.73° E longitude.

Deogarh is positioned at an altitude of 192 meters and the Postal Code of Deogarh is 768108. Deogarh District is bound by Sundargarh district in the north, Sambalpur district to the southwest and Anugul district towards southeast.


History of Deogarh:-

Raja Shri Basudeb Sudhal Deb was one of the famous kings ruled Deogarh during the period of 1869–1903. He was more concentrated on the development of literature, education and art. Raja Basu Dev High School is one of the major schools of Deogarh and was established by Raja Shri Basudeb Sudhal Deb.

Raja Sachidananda Tribhuban Dev, a son of Sir Sudhal Dev ruled Deoghar in the beginning of 20th century and he was introduced hydro-electric system in Kodarkot water fall and was established cloth loom and sugar factory in 1908. Deogarh came into existence as a district on 1 January 1948 divided from Sambalpur District.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Deogarh:-

Pradhanpat Ustav is a famous annual fair celebrated in Deogarh near a stunning waterfall PRADHANPAT and this waterfall provides pure water for drinking purpose to public. Jagannath Sahitya Sansad is the chief cultural academy of Deogarh identifies and supports local art and literature talents.

A sweet item Rasagolla is very much popular in Deogarh and the locals have an equal concern for vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Fish and other seafood such as crab and shrimp are mainly used in family functions and also chicken and mutton are widely used non vegetarian staple foods in Deogarh. Mittha Dali, Mitha Bhata, Paratta and Puri are popular food items in Deogarh.

Deogarh proves to is good in shopping sector houses numerous major shopping centres of cloths, sports, electrical and electronic. There are several film theatres are also located in Deogarh.


How to reach Deogarh?

Deogarh people highly rely on private vehicles like Auto, Tempos and Jeeps and Buses. Buses are easily catchable at Deogarh City Bus Stand and other local bus terminals. Sambalpur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Deogarh located at a distance of 90 kms. The distance between Deogarh and Bhubaneswar Airport is about 280 kms.


Tourist places in and around Deogarh:-

Pradhanpat Hill:-

Pradhanpat Hill with beautiful waterfalls located just near Deogarh Town and gives a great feel to tourists. It lies near National Highway 6 and located about 95 kms away from Sambalpur Town.


Khandadhar Waterfall:-

Khandadhar Waterfall is referred as India’s 12th highest waterfall situated in Keonjhar, Odisha. The water falls from the height of 500 feet like horse tail here attracts tourists from all around the state.


Deogaon Kushaleswar:-

Deogaon Kushaleswar is the major Buddhist pilgrims centre located on the banks of Kusei River. It has near proximity with another popular tourist destination stone embankment.


Jhadeshwar Temple:-

Jhadeshwar Temple is a famous worship place dedicated to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of River Baitarani. An annually Baruni Festival celebrated in Jhadeshwar Temple in month of March.


The Handibhanga Waterfall:-

Handibhanga Waterfall is situated in Bahalda village of Keonjhar and here water falls from the height of 98 feet. Between the months of October and March is the great time to visit Handibhanga Waterfall to watch and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls.


Few other tourist destinations in Deogarh and Keonjhar are as follows:-

  • Rajanagar
  • Gonasika
  • Badaghagara
  • Sitabinji
  • Chakratirtha
  • District Library Keonjhar
  • Murgamahadev
  • District Museum Keonjhar
  • Sanaghagara Waterfall
  • Gundichaghai Waterfall


Best time to visit Deogarh:-

The months of Monsoon and Winter Season are the great time to reach Deogarh, when the waterfalls flows with full of water.


Accomodation Options near Deogarh:-

Deogarh houses few hotels presently and the major luxurious hotels are situated in Keonjhar (about 100 km from Deogarh). The list of hotels in and around Deogarh:

  • Mayur Hotel
  • Plaza Hotel
  • The Sans,
  • Pooja Lodge, Keonjhar
  • Ajanta Hotel
  • Baral Hotel
  • Valley Hotel
  • Baidyanath Hotel
  • Shreekshetra International Hotel
  • Raghunath Hotel
  • Panthanivas Keonjhar
  • Shankar Palace Hotel
  • Ankita Hotel

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