Beautiful Places to Visit in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India

Beautiful Places to Visit in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India

Ratlam is a city in Madhya Pradesh, india. It was previously known as Ratnapuri and is positioned in the Malwa province. Ratlam is largely a pilgrimage landmark. It is home to numerous significant shrines that are swarming with aficionados all through the year. The chief sanctuaries in this province are Kalika Mata shrine, the Mahalaxmi shrine, Ananya Mahadev shrine and Amarji shrine.


History of Ratlam

Ratlam conurbation was established in the year 1652 by Raja Rattan Singhji, son of Mahesh Das of Jhalor and great grandson of Raja Udai Singh of Jodhpur. It is believed that the duo (father and son) had executed significant armed services in favor of the ruler Shah Jahan. In remuneration for their work done and in acknowledgment of their great performance of gallantry they were bestowed with huge terrains in the south-west districts of Rajputana. The city served as a shield in opposition to the Kings’s ruthless sons Aurangzeb and Murad who were the then viceroys of Gujarat and Deccan regions. In the year 1947 the state assented to the union of India.


Tourist Attractions in Ratlam

Cactus Garden                     

The Cactus Garden is one of the most admired tourism landmarks of Ratlam. It is placed on the grounds of the Sailana citadel. It is positioned just about 21 km away from Ratlam. The garden is just 50 years old whereas the palace it is placed in is 200 years old and has deteriorated severely.

The Cactus Garden showcases a broad diversity of cacti in their different phases of augmentation and colors. It has a compilation over 1200 diverse genus of cacti. Amidst them 50 genus belong to India. Some of the imperative genuses of cactus here at this garden comprises of peacock feather cactus, bulb cactus, snake cactus, bell cactus and old man cactus. This site is also admired for its gastronomic institution.


Kharmour Bird Sanctuary

The Kharmour Bird Sanctuary also recognized as Sailana Bird Sanctuary is positioned in the Sailana vale of the Ratlam District. This sanctuary is extended in an entire region about 13 sq km and was recognized in the year 1983. This sanctuary is domicile to ‘Kharmour’ bird which is an awfully uncommon genus. This place was titled Kharmour after this bird. It also houses numerous wandering birds that abode here temporarily.


Kedareshwar Temple                     

The Kedareshwar shrine is devoted to lord Shiva and is positioned in the Sailana vale of Ratlam District. This holy place is placed just about 4 km from Sailana Palace and is sited in a synthetic cavern. This synthetic cavern has been engraved out of a crag of igneous rocks. It has a crest with a small brook of water that streams down during the rainy season and settles itself with a dewpond of the adjoining vale. The region surrounding the shrine has been favored as an picnic spot by the visitors.



Piploda Village                     

Piploda is a noteworthy vale positioned in close proximity to the city of Ratlam. This vale is principally renowned for its statuette of Gajananda Ganesha alongside its Mataji shrine. In primordial period this parish was also the capital of the Dodiya Clan throughout the 16th century.


Places of interest in and around Ratlam

  • Bilpakeshwara Temple
  • Sukheda Village
  • Gadkhange Mata Temple
  • Dholawad Dam
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Ganga Sagar
  • Kalika Mata Temple


Best season to visit Ratlam

The best time to visit Ratlam is during the months of October to May. Due to the tropical climate the summers are very hot and humid. There is average rainfall during the monsoon at Ratlam and the climate during the winter is very mild and pleasant.


Accessibility to Ratlam

By Road: Ratlam has a well built road network which connects it to the major cities across India. Following is the distance to major cities from Ratlam:

  • Indore 122 km
  • Ahmedabad 340 km
  • Nagpur 571 km
  • Jaipur 499 km
  • Bhopal 320 km

By Train: Ratlam railway station connects the city to both the northern and southern parts of the country.

By Air: The nearest airdrome accessible to Ratlam is at Indore 109 km away from the city. One can take buses or hire a cab to reach Ratlam from Ahmedabad airport.


Accommodations in Ratlam

One can find numerous hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges in Ratlam. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and comfortable stay of the guests. List of hotels in Ratlam are:

  • Hotel Sagar Castle
  • Hotel Palash
  • Ajanta Palace
  • Golden Tower Hotel
  • Maa Kalika Guest House
  • Prince Hotel
  • Jyoti Hotel
  • Gaurav Hotel
  • Golden Tower
  • Hotel Central Plaza
  • Cosmos Hotel
  • Silver Inn
  • Ashok Hotel
  • Blue Roof Hotel
  • Hotel Highway Kings
  • Hotel Gujrat Palace

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