Vijaypur Tourist Places to Visit in Vijaypur, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vijaypur Tourist Places to Visit in Vijaypur, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vijaypur also spelled as Bijeypur is a municipal town situated in Sheopur District in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of River kwari and falls under Vijaypur Legislative Assembly constituency. Vijaypur is located about 141 km from the district main town Sheopur and about 424 km north of state capital Bhopal.

Vijaypur geographical position is 26°3′20″ N latitude and 77°22′11″ E longitude and is positioned at a height of 219 meters from the mean level of the sea. The Pin Code of Vijaypur is 476332.

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary is the main tourist attraction of Vijaypur. Mustard, Gram, Wheat and Bajra are the main crops grown in Vijaypur. Also the town is home to numerous mustard oil mills, hospital, schools and colleges.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Vijaypur:

Gondi and Bhili are the regional languages of Vijaypur and other than regional languages some natives speak Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu and Malwi Language. Saharia is the major tribal community of the Vijaypur region.

Rogan josh, korma, keema, biryani pilaf, shami kababs and seekh kababs are the popular non vegetarian dishes of Vijaypur. Jalebi recipe, Kusli, Lavang lata and Cashew Barfi are the popular sweet items in Vijaypur.

Shopping in Vijaypur is very easy because the town is packed with full of ancient and modern shopping centres. The handicraft items available in Vijaypur shops include dolls, floor coverings, carpets, durries, folk paintings, iron craft, jute works, metal craft, ornaments, papier mache, stone carving and stuffed toys.


Connectivity to Vijaypur:

Vijaypur has good connectivity with the major cities of the state namely Sheopur, Morena, Shivpuri, Gwalior through bus mode transport. There are ample numbers of Madhya Pradesh State Government buses plying between Vijaypur and its surrounding regions.

Vijaypur Town Bus Stand is the most important bus station of the town and also numerous local bus stops are accessible in the vicinity of Vijaypur. Rampahari Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Vijaypur located at a distance of 24 km. The distance between Vijaypur and Gwalior Airport (nearest airport to Vijaypur) is about 131 kms.


Visitor magnetisms in and around Vijaypur:

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary:

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary lies between latitude 25°.53’ in the north and longitude 77°.26’ in the east is spread over an area of 344.686 sq. km.

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary is home to Tiger, Chital, Sambhar, Black Deer, Chinkara, Bear, Blue bull, Tiger, Monkey, Jackals, Hyena, Wild Boar, Fox, Kobra, Nag, Python, Peacock, Kala Teetar, Tree pie, Rollers and Jangli.

Gurjan, Kher, Kusum, Gurjan, Mahua, Guner, Haldoo, Kullu, Kahua, Semal, Bahera, Tendu, Palas and Chind are the major trees present in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.


Chhim-Chhima Hanuman Ji Temple:

Chhim-chhima Hanuman Ji temple is famous temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman situated on the Bijeypur-Shivpuri highway. One day festival organized in the month of August every year attracts devotees from all around the district and nearby districts as well.


Siddh Baba Hill:

Siddh Baba Bill is a picturesque spot on Bijeypur Sabalgarh Road just 3 km away from Vijaypur. There is annual trade fair organized in Siddh Baba Bill during the months of January and February.


Vijaypur Fort:

Vijaypur Fort also known as Majhola Durg is located on the banks of River Kwari was constructed during the 14th century by Karauli King Vijay Singh.


Madhav National Park:

Madhav National Park is situated in Shivpuri spans in an area of 157 sq. km. The park is home to blue-bull, chinkara, tiger, leopard, chital and four-horned antelope. The birds include pond heron, purple-sunbird, painted stork and white-breasted kingfisher. Pochard, pintail, mallard and teal are the migratory birds visit this park.


The list of other top attractions near Vijaypur include:

  • Chhatri
  • Panihar
  • Madhav Vilas Palace
  • Karera Bird Sanctuary
  • Banganga
  • George Castle
  • Narwar Fort
  • Siddheshwar Temple
  • Bhadiya Kund
  • Pachrai
  • Tatya Tope Memorial
  • Survaya ki Garhi


Best time to visit Vijaypur:

Between October and March is the ideal time to visit Vijaypur especially Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.


Accommodation options in Vijaypur:

Hotels near Vijaypur provide quality hospitality services with amenities including swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, conference hall, doctor on call and air ticket booking. Some of the major Hotels in Vijaypur and Shivpuri (112 km away from Vijaypur) are:

  • Bhanwar Vilas Palace
  • Hotel Karauli Ajay
  • Ramathra Fort
  • Hotel Royal
  • Sonchiraiya Hotel
  • Delhi Hotel
  • Tarun Residency
  • Sanskar Residency Hotel
  • Tourist Village
  • Hotel Sonchiraiya

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