Tourist Places to Visit in Rajgir, Bihar, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Rajgir, Bihar, India

Rajgir is a town in Bihar, India. Rajgir is an attractive and picturesque place positioned in a vale bordered by verdant green woodlands and knoll. Rajgir seizes a significant state in the time of Lord Buddha as he spends many days at the religious center of Rajgir. Rajgir is an imperative Buddhist pilgrimage hub as the first Buddhist meeting was set here and also Lord Buddha conveys his discourses here. Rajgir also houses a large number of attractive Hindu and Jain shrines.

History of Rajgir

Rajgir previously identified as ‘Rajagriha’ or Girivaraja is snuggled in the hill topography that was the spectator to the orations of both Buddha and Mahavira. Once the antique capital of the Magadha Kings, Rajgir now lies at a distance of 15 km from south of Nalanda. Buddha frequently stopped over this spot on the lookout for seclusion and serenity of the Jivkamaravana religious center and the orations and reflecting at the Griddhakuta hill. At this hill it is believed that he transformed one of the distinguished supporters the Mauryan king Bimbisara to Buddhism. After the Buddha achieved ‘Parinirvana’ his supporters held the earliest Buddhist commission at the Saptaparni cavern.

Tourist Attractions in Rajgir

Jivaka’s Mango Garden                     

Jivaka Ambavana or Jivakarama Vihara is a division of the Jivakameavan grounds of Rajgir City. Jivaka was an imperial doctor of the Magadh’s sovereigns namely Bimbisara and Ajatshatru.

Jivaka was also a grand disciple of Lord Buddha. It is also whispered that Lord Buddha once came down here to get his lesion taken care of by Jivaka. This patch also encompasses the remains of a religious center. These remains lie on the course to the cord line station of Griddhakuta Hill.


Ancient 40 km wall                      

Ancient 40 km wall also recognized as the Cyclopean wall. This 40 km long wall once bordered Rajgir. Constructed of enormous stripped marble circumspectly incorporated collectively, the fortification is one of the few significant Pre-Maurayan marble configurations ever to have been found. Remnants of the wall still manage to survive for the most part at the exit of Rajgir to Gaya. This fortification was built prior to the Mauryan decree.

Ghora Katora Lake                     

The Ghora Katora Lake is one of the admired picnic sites of Rajgir. The first name of this lake advocates a bowl of horse. The spot of this lake is supposed to be the area where the reign of Jarasandha was positioned.

Hot Springs                     

Hot springs are one of the mainly admired magnetism of Rajgir city. These hot springs are positioned at the base of the Vaibhava knoll. The water of these springs approaches from the Saptadhara transient in the course of the back side of Saptaparni caverns. The Brahmakund spring amidst these is regarded to be the sweltering one with a high temperature of approximately 450 Celsius. At the location of these springs disconnected bathing vicinity for men and women has also been offered.

It is also believed that its Tapoda stream of warm water was the stream someplace even Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira used to bathe. The water of these searing springs is regarded to have therapeutic values. At the bottom of Vaibhava knolls there are stairways that escorts to a variety of small shrines positioned in its grounds.


Venu Vana Kalandakanivapa                     

The Venu Vana Kalandakanivapa is said to be the green abode of King Bimbisara. The name of this park advocates a bamboo square. The uniqueness of this park is that it encompasses a Buddhist Religious Center which Bimbisara constructed here as a tribute to Lord Buddha. The site also encompasses a pond named as Kalandakanivapa which means nourishing land of squirrels or jays.

Places of Interest around Rajgir

  • Monastery Venuvana Vihara
  • Griddhakuta Hill
  • Jarasandha’s Baithak
  • Shankhalipi Inscriptions
  • Tapovana
  • Vishwa Shanti Stupa
  • Bimbisara Jail
  • Pippala cave
  • Ruins of Nalanda University
  • Nalanda Museum

Best season to visit Rajgir

The best time to visit Rajgir is during October to March. The summers are hot and dry. The monsoon season gets heavy downpour of rain. During the winter season the climate is very pleasant and cold. It is the best season for tourists who like to visit Rajgir.


Accessibility to Rajgir

By Air: the nearest airdrome to Rajgir is at Gaya. Gaya gets regular flights from all the metro cities across India. One can hire cabs or take buses to reach the destination.

By Train: Rajgir railway station is well connected with Gaya. Gaya gets direct trains from Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore. One can hire taxis from here to reach the destination.

By Road: Public and private transportation provides ample of buses to Rajgir. The road network connects Rajgir to the major cities in and around Bihar.


Accommodations in Rajgir

  • Tathagat Vihar Hotel
  • Gautam Vihar Hotel
  • Siddharth Hotel
  • Indo Hokke Hotel
  • Rajgir Hotel
  • Mamata Hotel
  • Tripti Hotel
  • Sharda Hotel
  • Hill Queen Hotel
  • Sharda Hotel
  • Sujatha Hotel
  • Anand Marwari Wasa Hotel
  • Rajgir Residency
  • Mamta Hotel

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