Tourist Places to Visit in Artashat, Armenia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Artashat, Armenia, Asia

Artashat is a metropolis in the Ararat Vale. It is positioned on the river Araks. It is one of the most ancient cities in Armenia and the capital city of Ararat Province. The title of the city is gained from the Iranian Lingo and it literally means “Joy of Arta”. The city was established in the year 176 BC by the sovereign named Artashes I. The city commercially well developed. The geographical coordinates of Artashat is 39°57′14″ N 44°33′02″ E. Artashat is the cultural city in Armenia and hosts a cultural palace and art center Charles Aznavour and Amo Kharazyan theatre.

Tourist Attractions in Artashat

Khor Virap Monastery

Khor Virap Monastery is the site wherein Saint Gregory the Illuminator was captivated and starved for 13 consecutive years. Khor Virap literally means unfathomable crater. It houses two cathedrals chiefly such as the Church of Saint Gevorg and the Church of Saint Astvatsatsin with a belfry in its vicinity.


The Lake of Artashat used to be the chief appeal in the city. It was constructed in the later part of the 19th century approximately around 1970-1971. A decade later the synthetic lake did not gain any water flow which caused it to become a marshland. In the later period the renovation took place after which it has become an integral part of the place that holds splendid scenic beauty.

Ruins of Ancient City of Artashat

The Ancient City of Artashat was constructed on twelve small and big knolls. Geological quarries have revealed several astounding relics such as remnants from the shrine of Apollo, Coins, Castle of the city, Seals, a market spot, residential spot and many others. The watercourse through which the city gets its drinking water and also flushes out its water was exposed.

Saint John Church

Saint John Church was built around 2000, it is stated that the erection took place for more than 10 centuries due to certain difficulties. The cathedral has a simple appearance. The structural designing has been done in such a way that the visitors cannot find any appealing ornamentation.

Best season to visit Artashat

Due to the high altitude the climate during the summer tends to be pleasant and warm in Artashat. It is the best time to visit this place. The monsoon receives minimal downpour. The climate during the winter season is very cold.

Accessibility to Artashat

The City of Artashat is positioned just about 34 km from the capital city Yerevan. Public and private transportations provide ample of busses from Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city.

Accommodations in Artashat

List of best hotels in Artashat is as follows:

  • Penthouse Hotel & Hostel
  • Hotel Nairi
  • Areg Hotel
  • Marriott Armenia Hotel
  • Hotel Meg
  • Golden Tulip Hotel
  • Envoy Hostel and Tours
  • Golden Palace Hotel
  • Rafael Hostel
  • Theatre Hostel
  • Bass Hotel
  • Villa Ayghedzor
  • Erebuni Hotel

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