Tourist Places to Visit in Amla, Madhya Pradesh, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Amla, Madhya Pradesh, India

Amla is a Tehsil in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a prominent sub district positioned in Betul district. The name Amla originates from “Ammunition Land” later abridged as Amla. The city is a nature’s delight, since it has vast amount of natural possessions. Major cit-towns are accessible from Amla.

History of Amla

The history of Amla dates back to 18th century when the region was used store their ammunition. Presently it is renowned as the Indian Air Force Depot, where grenades and weaponry are stored.

Attractions in Amla

The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve

The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is a preservation region that lies in the Satpura Range. The total area is about 4926.28 km². It houses natural world preservation units such as the Bori Sanctuary and Satpura National Park.

Satpura – Tamiya Hill Station

Satpura – Tamiya Hill Station is positioned at the heart of the Satpura National Park. It is also a hill region like Pachmarhi. This region is very picturesque and serene. The unique part is the sunset point which is enveloped around the abundance of Satpura hills. Tourists find this place quite remarkable.


Catholic Church

Catholic Church was previously known as the Church of Our Lady. Mother Mary is shown wearing a curious-towering silver crown. It is an enigmatic stone church with excellent tainted glass windows. It was erected in the year 1892 and has a combination of Irish and French styles. The church resembles as a replica from 12th century. The most prominent feature of the church is the Baptismal Font – libretto on a marble sculpture which illustrates Jesus being baptized in Jordan by John the Baptist.

Bison Lodge

It is said that Bison Lodge is the most ancient building in Pachmarhi. Bison Lodge was home to the forest department that was established in the year 1861 by Captains G.F Pearson and J. Forsyth.

Rajendra Giri

Rajendra Giri is the elevated spot where one can view the whole of Pachmarhi.


Mahadeo is a cave in shrine which is situated at the other end of Pachmarhi. It is positioned at the top of the wooded hill and successively beside a narrow valley with a gushing watercourse. Pilgrims stroll along the fortifications stretching into the cave-shrine.

Panchmarhi Rock Art

Several sections are to be found in the hills just northeast of Pachmarhi. They are on stonework cliffs and overhangs.

Manna Deo Rock Painting Site

Manna Deo Rock Painting Site dates back to the early stone age where man made his temporary dwelling and hunted for food. It has deep overhangs and horizon-spanning views over the adjoining landscape.

Pandav Caves

According to the legend it is depicted that during the exile period the Pandavas choose this remote place to live and hence the name Pandav cave originated. Pachmarhi has been named after these five caves.


Other Interesting Places in and around Amla

  • Rajat Prapat
  • Reechhgarh
  • Priyadarshini Point (Forsyth Point)
  • Dhoopgarh
  • Denva Darshan
  • Jatashankar

Best season to visit Amla

The best season to visit Amla is the winter from September to February. The summers are very hot but the nights are fairly cool. There is heavy downpour during the monsoon season.

Accessibility to Amla

By Road: It is well connected by roads to the major cities and towns in and around Madhya Pradesh. There are frequent private and public buses to Amla.

By Rail: The nearest railhead is at Seoni just about 85 km away from Amla city. the trains that passes are Nainpur Chhindwara Passenger from Nainpur Junction, Chhindwara Nainpur Passenger from Chhindwara Junction, Jabalpur Nir Nagpur Passenger  from Jabalpur and Jabalpur Nir Nagpur Passenger from Nagpur.

Accommodation in Amla

Amla is one of the best tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh. Amla has some fine hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide many amenities and the rates differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for the comfortable stay of the visitors. List of hotels located in Amla are as follows:

  • Elbee Lodge
  • Hotel Banjara
  • Landmark Hotel
  • Glen View Hotel
  • Misty Meadows
  • Amaltas Hotel
  • Alma Hotels
  • Arihant Hotel
  • Baseraa Hotel
  • Royal Hotel
  • Saikripa Hotel
  • Ramakrishna Hotel
  • Sanman Hotel
  • Highlands Hotel
  • Amar Palace Hotel

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