Top Tourist Places to Visit in Armenia, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Armenia, Asia

Armenia is positioned in the east section of Armenian highland that is enveloped by Republic of Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan Republic on the east and Islamic Republic of Iran on south and Turkey in the west. Architectonics is the most prominent art forms of Armenia. Armenia has 3 diverse forms of languages such as Classical Armenian or Grabar, Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian. Grabar is the native lingo of Armenia. Armenians regard themselves as catholic christens. Armenian culinary necessitates stuffing, frothing and pureeing. The essential assets of the Armenian cuisine are bread, yogurt, mayonnaise, lamb and eggplant. Armenia is rich in flora and fauna.


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. Yerevan is one of the most the antediluvian cities in the globe. It is also a principal vacationers charm in Armenia. Populace here pursues the ancient convention of welcoming guests with affection and generosity. The capital city is commercially well advanced and hosts numerous heritage landmarks.

Geghard Monastery

Geghard is a magnificent primeval Armenian Monastery that has been by degree engraved out of a knoll.  It is positioned in the vicinity of river Azat. It is an outstanding testimonial of medieval Armenian structural design. The explicit feature of this memento is that it mirrors the idiosyncrasy of the ascetic and grandiose panorama about it. The central memento of Geghard acquires the center of the monastery patio bordered with parapets and obelisk on three sections and intercepted by a vertical overhang on the fourth section. This gives the structure a distinctive manifestation.


Tsaghkadzor is renowned for its Ski resort. In earlier times when Armenia was a section under USSR the contestants used to approach this minuscule parish to coach for the winter Olympics. The skiing amenities at the ski resort are fundamental and pleasurable used for a daylight hours on the slope. During the summer season one can go on equestrian from the Tsaghkadzor Sport Base. The base is enveloped by lush green woodland and one can take a stroll in these woodlands.


Yenokavan Canyon

Yenokavan Canyon is abode to cliffs, caverns, woodland, cascades and torrents to discover.

Anapat Cavern has a technique of ancient monuments which are exclusive in Armenia. One fortification is enclosed concrete in statures of populace and facades. Later figurines incorporated crosses and reredos.

Lastiver cavern is impossible to admittance on a cliff facade and the opening has been moderately confined with a prehistoric barricade. There is a pool that intrigues the majority of the cavern, whose water echelon does not change even after you confiscate a little amount of water it will instantly be refilled with the same.

Best season to visit Armenia

The best season to visit is during the months of September to May. The summers are very hot with breeze that serves humidity. The autumn season is very bright and the best time to visit this place. During the winter season the temperature falls down and there is snowfall adventurous people can come down at this time for various activities.


Accessibility in Armenia

By Air: Zvartnots International Airport positioned on the peripheral of Yerevan and Shirak Airport in Gyumri gets flights from all around the globe.

By Land:  There are two highways and a rail link that are available via Georgia that serves the entry to Black Sea docks of Poti and Batumi.


Accommodation in Armenia

Armenia has some well renowned hotels, resorts and Inns. One can find numerous deluxe hotels in this country. The hotel rooms are designed as per the luxury of the tourists.  The hotels are arid with natural lightening and gorgeous ethnical ornamentation in each and every chamber. Conveniences of the guest rooms comprise of elegant eiderdown, LCD flat-screen TVs, coffee/tea, dining room, cable television, mini-bar, refrigerator, walk-in closet, lavatory, room service and more. Recreational conveniences comprise of fitness facilities. Spa amenities include massage/treatment rooms, facials, body treatments, and beauty services, the machine area, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and swimming pool. All the requirements are met with affordable budget. Some of the hotels are listed below.

  • Hotel Meg
  • Marriott Armenia Hotel
  • Multi Rest House
  • Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Mana
  • Diana Hotel
  • Alexandrapol Hotel
  • Villa Kars
  • Akhtamar Hotel
  • Guest House Ararat
  • Casanova Guesthouse

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