Richenpong Tourist Places in Richenpong, West Sikkim, India

Richenpong Tourist Places in Richenpong, West Sikkim, India

among the deep woodlands in West Sikkim, Rinchenpong is well-known for its spectacular sights of peaks and its gorgeous environment. Rinchenpong is also branded for its stunning scene and peaceful ambiance. Tourists are fascinated by this site for the awe-inspiring standpoints of the Kanchenjunga terrains that it presents.


History of Richenpong

Richenpong has its implications in history. It is stated that Rinchenpong was the place where it witnessed the chronological encounter amidst the Chogyal (King) of Sikkim and the British forces were apprehended. It paved to the slaughter of several Britishers as the native people of Sikkim, the Lepcha had poisoned the solitary spring of water in that region which was a lake. Even at present the lake continues to’ be poisoned and is locally recognized as “bikh-pokhri” which deciphers as ‘poisoned lake’.

Tourist Attractions in Richenpong

Maggi Dara

Maggi Dara is a site positioned just about 8 km from Rinchenpong. It is home to a ethnic center with vast wall canvases and has become a prominent travelers landmark in Sikkim.


Rinchenpong Monastery

Rinchenpong Monastery is the most eminent landmark in Rinchenpong. The ethnic center houses a gigantic and stunning statuette of Lord Buddha which is prevalently identified as the Atibuddha figurine.

The Shrijanga Temple

The Shrijanga shrine is positioned just about 8 km from Richenpong and is frequently stopover by locals. The holy place of Shrijanga is adored by the Limbu clan. A gorgeous cascade also adds to the loveliness of the shrine.

Pemayangtse Monastery 

Pemayangtse Monastery is positioned just about 25 km away from Richenpong. The Pemayangtse monastery was primarily constructed for ta-sang lamas or the purest monks, but in due course developed into a magnitude and instituted in serving the society. The ethnic center is abode for famed compilation of primordial artifacts, Buddhist statues, inscriptions and statuette. On the first level of the ethnic center one can site an attractive wooden statuette of Sanghthokpalr.

People & Culture of Rinchenpong

Richenpong and its neighboring vicinity are abode to several ethnic groups and societies such as Marwar, Tamangs, Lepchas, Limboos and Bhutias is amongst others. These populaces have added to the assortment of Rinchenpong, especially its victuals and ethnicity. They are occupied in cattle rearing, farming to being entrepreneur and stalling small shops in the chief marketplace of Sikkim. The township also has a sacred experience to it as it is habitat to numerous Buddhist ethnic centers.

Places of interest in and around Rinchenpong

  • Legship
  • Rvangla
  • Namchi
  • Pelling

Best season to visit Rinchenpong

The best time to visit Richenpong is during the months of March to May. During the summer season the climate is pleasant with humidity and is the best time for tourists to visit this place. The monsoon season sees a heavy downpour and it is impossible for tourist outing. The winter season tends to be very cold and the temperature drops eventually to 1°C at Richenpong.


Accessibility to Rinchenpong

By Road: Rinchenpong is positioned close to Legship that is just around 16 km from Gangtok. One can hire cabs, taxis, jeeps or private vehicles to reach Richenpong.

By Train: The nearest railhead is at Siliguri and it connects the city to the major cities in and around the state.

By Air: the nearest airdrome accessible to Richenpong is the Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri. One can get direct flights from the major cities across the country to reach Richenpong.


Accommodation in Rinchenpong

There are enough hotels in Richenpong  to facilitate the tourists and hotels offers host of world class services to the tourists like big ventilated rooms with room heaters, LCD TV’s, broadband facilities with Wi-Fi, intercom facilities, laundry facilities, travel desk, local tour packages, wine and dine. List of hotels in Richenpong are:

  • Richenpong Village Resort
  • Hotel Rinchenpong Nest
  • Aryan Regency The
  • Elgin Mount Pandim Pemayangtse
  • Rabdentse Residency
  • The Tashigang Resort
  • Norbu Ghang Resort
  • Himalayan Hideaway
  • Ifseen Villa
  • Sonamchen
  • Simvo Hotel
  • Bon Farm House
  • Aurora Hospitality
  • Yuksom Residency
  • Hotel The Panorama
  • Hotel Snowview
  • Windamere Hotel

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