Places to Visit in Segbwema, Kailahun, East Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Segbwema, Kailahun, East Africa, Africa

Segbwema is a town situated in the district of Kailahun in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, around 45 km northeast of the city of Kenema, 115 km east of the country’s second largest city Bo and 350 km southeast of the country’s capital and largest city, Freetown. Nixon Memorial Hospital is one of the important landmarks of Segbwema. Segbwema coordinates with 8°0′ N latitude and 10°57′ W longitude.

Segbwema headquarters the traditional Njaluahun chiefdom, which is situated between the rivers of Moa and Maleh. Segbwema has an agriculture based economy and also some commercial establishments have originated in recent years in and around Segbwema. Mende people dominate the population of Segbwema, though, the town is ethnically diverse.


Accessing Segbwema:

Segbwema is served by Kenema Airport with scheduled flight services from Bo and Freetown. The airport is situated around 40 km southwest of Segbwema. There are taxis generally gettable at the airport and minibuses can also be expected for airport travel.

There is direct connectivity from Segbwema to Kenema, Bo, Freetown and many other important cities in the country. The local transportation of Segbwema is catered by minibuses, rental cars and bikes.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Segbwema:

Segbwema is culturally diverse town with people belonging to different ethnicities, dominated by the Mende people. Segbwema is also famous for its traditional shops with products like art and craft works, traditional cloth, hats and jewelry. Those who need upgraded shops and restaurants can drive towards Kenema (around 45 km from Segbwema).


Things to do in Segbwema:

  • Exploring river bank
  • Festival celebrations
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in Segbwema:


Nyeya River:

The Nyeya River is a tributary of the Maleh River, flowing near the town of Segbwema. The river bank would be a half day trip for visitors if they are going with food packets and water bottles.



Kenema is the 3rd largest city of Sierra Leone, situated around 45 km southwest of Segbwema. It is a well known tourist destination with many popular natural and manmade attractions, including a colorful clock tower and Kambui Hills Forest Reserve. There is also a large shopping mall in Kenema.


Gola National Park:

Located around 60 km southwest of Segbwema, the Gola National Park is an affluent nature reserve with around 50 mammal species, 650 butterfly species, 330 bird species and district African chimpanzees.


List of other places of interest near Segbwema include:

  • Moa River
  • Kenema shopping mall
  • South Kambui Hills Forest Reserve
  • Kenema Airport
  • Gola East Forest Reserve
  • Beaches of Freetown
  • Kangari Hills Forest Reserve
  • Outamba Kilimi National Park
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Freetown
  • National Rail Museum in Freetown
  • John’s Maroon Church in Freetown
  • Loma Mountains Forest Reserve
  • Gola West Forest Reserve
  • Sierra Leone National Museum in Freetown
  • Gola North Forest Reserve


When to visit Segbwema?

Segbwema is a year round destination, though, the tour of Segbwema can be experienced best between December and March.


Where to stay in Segbwema?

Probably there are no such tourist favor hotels in Segbwema, on this point, it is advised for visitors to refer hotels in the nearby cities of Segbwema for accommodation purpose. The prominent hotels in Kenema (around 45 km from Segbwema) and Bo (around 110 km from Segbwema) are listed below:

  • Ericson Guest House in Kenema
  • Paloma Guest House in Kenema
  • Capitol Hotel in Kenema
  • Luawa Resort Hotel in Kenema
  • Dohas Hotel and Restaurant in Bo
  • Madame Woki Hotel in Bo
  • Hotel Sir Milton in Bo
  • Countryside Hotel in Bo
  • Imperial Hotel in Bo
  • Sahara Hotel in Bo

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