Devarayanadurga – Beautiful Hill Station near Bangalore, View Points, Forest, Temples

Devarayanadurga (ದೇವರಾಯನದುರ್ಗ)

Beautiful Hill Station near Bangalore, View Points, Forest, Temples

Devarayanadurga (ದೇವರಾಯನದುರ್ಗ – DD Hills) is one of the Coolest and Beautiful Hill Station located near Dabaspet, Tumakuru Dist., Bangalore. Best Places to visit in Devarayanadurga Hills  are Bhoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, View Points, Namada Chilume (Deer Park and Historical Place related to Lord Rama), Forest Road etc…

The spot is situated over 4000 feet above ocean even out and can be an end of the week journey spot and escape for a speedy retreat or cookout, to escape from the crush of the every day hurrying around of city life.

It is likewise an adventurer’s heaven, because of the way that it has various hillocks encompassing it, and numerous untamed life devotees, truth be told, crowd the spot for different natural life shoots and so on It is announced as a defensive saved woods by the woodland branch of Government of Karnataka.


Since it is firmly situated to Tumkur City and region and furthermore the IT city of Bangalore, the groups swell here on ends of the week and public occasions.

Yoga Narsimha Temple is said to have been worked at where Lord Brahma, after a long, profound retribution, was visited by Lord Vishnu, in his Narsingha manifestation, and Goddess Lakshmi. While Lord Brahma was occupied with atonement, Sage Durwasa, the angriest among them all, visited him and introduced an icon of Narsingha at where the Bhoga Narsimha Temple has been constructed.

Bhoga Narasimha Temple

The Bhoga Narasimha Temple is situated at the foundation of the hillock of the Devarayanadurga and the god as we as a whole know is devoted to Lord Narasimha. This sanctuary delighted in the support of numerous rulers from different administrations and furthermore is notable for its straightforward however lovely design wonder. There are various columns specking the sanctuary, on which engravings have been cut in regards to the historical backdrop of the sanctuary and the different rulers.

Yoga Narasimha Temple

Another sanctuary which is situated in Devarayanadurga is the Yoga Narasimha Temple which is on the hillock. Around 100 stages must be move to arrive at the sanctuary and the picturesque excellence will leave the climbers enchanted. Rich greenery can be found around the hillock which gives an alleviation from the dreary errand of climbing the means.


By Road – Approximate distance from Bangalore is around 75 Km’s

Other Tourist Attractions near Devarayanadurga HIll

  • Namada Chilume (6 km)
  • Goravanahalli (20.6 km)
  • Nijagal Betta (21.6 km)
  • Kaidala Shri Chennakeshava Swamy Temple (24.1 km)

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